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RE: Blueprints for Senior Living - Request for Articles on Universal Design

! -- Janet Roche, MDS, CAPS (Certified Aging in...Place Specialist) Janet Roche Designs, LLC

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HKC1501: Design Principles for Smaller Dwelling Units

Smart growth and smaller dwelling units may address issues of sustainability far better than relying on technology. This webinar will present design strategies for developing smaller dwelling units as a means to achieve affordability in both initial and life-cycle costs while providing...

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Focus Search - Aging-In-Place living, especially Accessory

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DFAR12: The Village at Orchard Ridge

The project is designed to work with the challenging site, leaving acres of wetlands and wooded areas untouched and capitalizing on buildable areas by locating the town center on the high ground of the tract, with patio homes filling in. #DesignforAgingKnowledgeCommunity #CaseStudies ...

The Village at Orchard Ridge.pdf

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2012 Fall Lecture Series

We are pleased to invite you to enroll in and / or attend the Wednesday Fall 2012 "Architecture for Health" Visiting Lecture Series that meets at 11:30 am in Langford Architecture Center, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. The theme this fall will be “Pitfalls Problems and...

2012 Fall Lecture Series program.pdf

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2016 Public Architects Workshop Resources

Resources for the Public Architects WorkshopWE203 - Architects, Public Architects, and P3 Development: Innovation, Challenges, Lessons Learned #Tips #Presentations #Development #publicarchitects #CaseStudies #2016 ...

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Focus Search - aging in place  Low-income families in need

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AIA Housing Awards and AIA/HUD Secretary's Awards Books

Books highlight winning projects for AIA Housing and AIA/HUD Secretary's Awards. #Books #housing #multifamilyhousing #customresidential #affordablehousing

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Focus Search - bedrooms to support aging in place, and the