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AAJ 2011 Presentation: Opening Plenary

A pdf of the Opening Plenary presentation given by Leslie Shepherd, AIA. #2011AAJConference

20111102_Opening Plenary.pdf

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AIA-AAJ 2011 Conference: Best Value - Alternative Delivery Methods

This session will focus on two unique alternative delivery methods for civic projects: First, the California AOC ’s first Design Assist project, a court-set renovation in Fairfield, CA . The project included new accessible courtrooms, holding, chambers, and support space in an existing...

20111104_Best Value Presentation1.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011-Planning for and Designing New Courthouses, Large and Small: Lessons Learned from the California Court Building Program

In its short history, Judicial Council of California-AOC has achieved a portfolio of 59 courthouse projects (56 trial courts and 3 appellate courts) including 9 completed projects, 8 projects under-construction or pending construction this year, 13 projects in design and 29 projects in site...

CT-08 Planning for and Designing New Courthouses11.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Evolution of a Design: Prototypes | Police Stations

This session will illustrate how the development and implementation of a simple and iconic prototype for the Colorado State Patrol inspires creative design solutions in larger law enforcement facilities. #LawEnforcementTrack #2011AAJConference

20111103_Evolution of a Design.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011-Design/Build in Corrections Environments: Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

Alternative project delivery methods are being more utilized in the planning, design, and construction of detention and correctional facilities. The various forms of design/build have redefined the roles and responsibilities of the participating parties. What variations exist, pros/cons, and how...

2011AAJ Design-Build In Corrections Environments1.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Commitment to the Aging American Courthouse

As the landlord of the largest inventory of civic buildings, the GSA plays a significant role in how we cope with the aging of our American courthouses. The AOC in California is founded on similar principals. How do both agencies evaluate existing courthouse inventories and decide to reinvest in...

CT-05 Commitment to the Aging American Courthouse21.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Accessibility for Justice Facilities

This session will focus specifically on accessibility for court, jail, and prison facilities. It will also stress the value to owners and users of good universal design practices while promoting good design overall. This session was developed in conjunction with Rod Higgins with the Division of...

20111103_Accessibility For Justice Facilities1.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Designing the Contemporary Courtroom

This session analyzes courtroom configurations: corner bench, center bench and re-centered bench. This includes case studies of recently completed courtrooms that represent the latest thinking in courtroom design. The Pros and Cons of each layout are discussed as well as challenges that are...

CT-01-Designing for the Contemporary Courtroom26.pdf

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AIA-AAJ 2011 Conference: LEED-J: Developing a Sustainability Rating System for Justice

Justice facilities have unique challenges and opportunities for achieving sustainability. Building on the AA J Sustainable Justice Committee’s 2011 “Green Guide for Justice” and informed by the LEED for Healthcare rating system, this work session will be an opportunity to review and discuss a...

20111104_LEED J_ Developing Sustainability Rating System1.pdf