Pan-American Federation of Associations of Architects (FPAA)

XXIV CPA & FPAA General Assembly

The XXIV Pan American Congress of Architects, the largest event organized by the Federación Panamericana de Asociaciones de Arquitectos (FPAA), will be hosted by the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB) from November 27-30 at the Cultural Centre and Exhibition of Maceió city, capital of the State of Alagoas, Brazil.

The event's theme is "LIVING THE TERRITORY, IMAGINE THE AMERICA" in the following proposed dimensions: the House, the Metropolis, the Celebrations, the Congress and the Solitude, the Systems of Representation, the Virtuality and the Green Territories.

Increasing member value through global connections


Member Value

In this video, Gabriel Durand Hollis, FAIA, AIA Treasurer and FPAA Past-President,  discusses the member value of AIA's participation in the 2012 XXIV CPA and involvement in the Pan-American Federation of Associations of Architects (FPAA).


Connect with AIA

Follow 2012 AIA President Jeff Potter, FAIA; AIA International Director / UIA Region III Vice President Thomas Vonier, FAIA; and AIA Treasurer and former FPAA President Gabriel Durand-Hollis, FAIA as they post and tweet from the XXIV Pan American Congress of Architects in Maceió!

CAU President Haroldo Pinheiro and AIA President Jeff Potter, FAIA

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