2021 Advisory Group

The AIA International Practice Committee explores and monitors global practice and policy issues to be addressed by the President and the Board of Directors, and ensures communication among the different international constituencies and stakeholders within the AIA. The committee strives to promote excellence in international architectural practice; to serve as a resource to members by disseminating information in international markets, practice and design; to develop expertise in international policy and trade issues in order to advise AIA on international practice; to facilitate and enhance the international practices of the membership; and to foster relationships with architects abroad.

Officers and Members

Andrew Caruso, AIA
2021 Chair

Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA
Past Chair / 2020 Chair

Mark Careaga, AIA

Milton Garavito, Assoc. AIA

Jason Holland, AIA

Chris Musangi, AIA

Member Liasons

James Wright, FAIA
Co-Director, UIA Professional Practice Commission

Greg Yager, AIA
International Representative to the AIA Strategic Council

Thierry Paret, FAIA
2018-2019 President of the International Region