The Iconic House in Contemporary Design II (1 LU)

When:  Oct 20, 2021 from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM (ET)

The Iconic House in Contemporary Design II (1 LU)


For most of recorded history, the history of architecture has been, in large part, the history of the house. Some houses are so memorable because of the form they take, or connect so strongly with our ideas of domesticity, that they have become iconic, influencing subsequent generations of designers. Iconic houses can also have widespread appeal based on culturally determined ideas and forms which they embody, idealize, and often transcend.

In this presentation what it means for a house to be “iconic” will be explored. The belief that architectural precedents have importance as embodiments of architectural principles, not as models to copy, will be explored. Three architects will present an “iconic house” which resonates with them followed by a presentation and discussion of one of their own houses in relation to this “iconic house”. Hosted by CRAN®.

A panel discussion will follow to further explore the nature of what makes a house “iconic” in today’s world.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what makes a house Iconic.
  2. Understand the importance of architectural theory in the process of design.
  3. Understand how various architects look at the role of precedent in relation to their work.
  4. Understand how various architects look at the idea of transformation and invention and originality with respect to an existing history of architectural work.
  5. Understand the relationship between precedent and typology in the design process.


  1. Stuart Cohen, FAIA
  2. Joeb Moore, AIA
  3. Jim Strickland
  4. Clay Rokicki
  5. Tom Kligerman
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