TAP Symposium at A'23

When:  Jun 7, 2023 from 09:00 AM to 06:30 PM (PT)

TAP Symposium at A'23

A continuation of our TAP Building Connections Congress (BCC) series

Wednesday, Jun 7  |  San Francisco |  Hosted at the AIA Conference on Architecture


Whether it is talking to a virtual assistant to inquire about the weather or ordering groceries, our process for doing everyday tasks has evolved due to new technology. Our industry is not immune to this change, but our adoption has been slow and uneven. There are several factors that contribute to this. To better equip ourselves for the future, we must investigate our approach to architecture in the age of the fourth industrial revolution.   

Join us as we discuss the architect of now, charting the use of digital tools starting with CAD, the transition to BIM and computational design, and the emergence of big data. Our exploration will review the impact of technology on education and the preparation of students entering the workforce, the relationship between practice and our technology providers and the pros and cons of AEC firms developing their own software.  

This year’s congress will consist of the keynote lecture and three panel discussions with representatives from the architectural, education, software and legal communities. We will conclude with a round table discussion where participants will define how the architect of 2030 will learn, develop as a professional and practice. 

How to register 

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9:00am - Introduction to TAP Buildings Connection Congress

9:15am - Keynote: Technology and its Impact on Our Profession
Project delivery continues to embrace new processes with technology as a key component. Whether it is the adoption of new tools that take advantage of advances in computing power, or the integration of concepts such as big data or computer programming, we must re-evaluate how we prepare not only future architects, but how firms manage the new roles and skillsets required to thrive in this ever-evolving technological landscape.  Our keynote lecture will focus on how education, practice and process must each pivot to take advantage of the benefits available, and explore software development as an AEC firm.

10:15am - Panel Discussion 1: Shift in Skillsets (Education vs. Practice)
While technology is taught in educational institutions, the focus is often on a particular tool and not the application of concepts. Institutions that do focus on concepts are less common. To effectively use big data, knowledge of statistics is helpful. Likewise, to build scripts for computational design may require some knowledge of computer programming. 

Should these topics become required electives for individuals that choose to pursue careers in the AEC industry? Should professional registration address design technology? Are employers willing to hire people that will need to develop these skills on company time? Join our panel as they debate the future of architectural education and licensure.

Lunch: 11:45 – 12:45 pm 

12:45pm - Panel Discussion 2: Relationship with Technology (Practice vs. Process)
There has been a lot of debate within the architectural community about the lack of software development required to keep pace with the evolution of project delivery. Traditional deliverables of paper documents are being replaced with models and data exports. Some firms have responded by developing their own software, either as add ins to industry common tools or as stand-alone applications. 

Join our panel as we examine the relationship our industry has with software companies, and what organizations such as the AIA can do to help to advocate for meaningful change that benefits both parties   

2:15pm - Panel Discussion 3 – Do It Yourself (Process) 
Tired of managing a technology stack that continues to increase in budget with diminishing returns? Perhaps it is time for your firm to consider internal software development. What is entailed in creating your own software? And what are the risks?  

There are several avenues for sharing code and building on the work done by other partners. What impact, if any, does this have on competitive advantage? Is it what tools you have access to, or how you use those tools to deliver value to your clients? Join our panel as we discuss the pros and cons of AEC firms managing software development.       

3:45pm - Coffee Break 

4:00pm Round Table  Closing Remarks: The Architect of 2030
All participants break into 3 groups and discuss what the future of architectural education and practice looks like. Each group will then have 5 minutes to present their findings, followed by brief closing remarks by Joel Martineau, 2023 Chair for TAP. 

5:30pm - Reception 



  • Ijechukwuamaka Patterson, Design Intern and Teacher Assistant - Clark Nexsen and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Jason Pugh, AIA, AICP, NOMAC, Global Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Design Manager, Principal – Gensler
  • Joel Martineau, Assoc. AIA, 2023 Chair, Technology in Architectural Practice AIA Knowledge Community
  • Dr. Kwesi Daniels, Department Head of Architecture – Tuskegee University
  • Kyle Bernhardt, CRO – TestFit
  • Matt Goldsberry, Computational Design Principal – HDR
  • Matt Wheelis, SVP of Strategy, Build & Construct Division – Nemetschek Group
  • Robert Yuen, Assoc, AIA, Co-founder – Monograph
  • Shane Burger, Principal, Global Leader - Technical Innovation, Woods Bagot
  • Vibhuti (Vickie Patel) Harris, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, Firmwide BIM Leader - HKS