Pathways to Opportunity: Lessons from the 2023 CAE Conference

When:  Sep 21, 2023 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)

Pathways to Opportunity: Lessons from the 2023 CAE Conference


Join us for an inspiring webinar, where former educators and a former student collaborate with architects like you to explore the profound connection between beliefs and architectural outcomes. As experts in student and teacher experiences, we'll reveal how your personal convictions impact design decisions and influence the experiences of space occupants. Through captivating narratives, we'll highlight the pivotal role of space design in shaping excellent student outcomes. Delve into the idea that no environment is neutral, and every architectural and design choice sends implicit messages, impacting the experiences of those within. Join us and leave inspired, connected, and driven to create transformative spaces for students, teachers, and communities

Pathways to Opportunity: Lessons from the 2023 Committee on Architecture for Education Conference Video

Rachel Harrah - Rachel, the visionary force behind Harrah LLC, passionately champions intergenerational equity through transformative educational spaces and programs. Honored as 2015 Dallas ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year and 2020 Theatre Administrator of the Year, her advocacy for fine arts access as a fundamental right knows no bounds. A certified cultural intelligence trainer, Rachel fosters perspective sharing and active community building. Her brilliance lies in crafting inclusive programs and advocating for educational spaces that yield positive student outcomes. 
Johno Oberly - Johno is a former teacher and lifelong advocate for student voice, agency, and opportunity. His education career started in the ninth-grade algebra classroom and has continued through student leadership development, school board coaching, and state-level policy advising. Now he empowers educators and school leaders as a Content Coordinator for Meteor Education.