Webinar: Net-Zero Hospitals: A Path Forward

When:  Jun 9, 2020 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

Net-Zero Hospitals: A Path Forward

This webinar is sponsored by the Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH).

This webinar will provide 1 HSW/LU learning unit.


Acute-care hospitals are energy intensive. High ventilation rates required by code lead to high cooling loads and reheat. Medical equipment, steam sterilization, and high expectations for thermal comfort add to the difficulty of achieving net zero. As codes change and technology improves, maybe the hospital of the future can be NZE, but what about the hospitals we’re building today? Are they to become fossils of the early 21st century? This presentation shares a strategy, developed by Mazzetti engineers for a recent design challenge, that balances the reality of today’s codes and technology with a vision for a hospital that can adapt to a changing regulatory and technology climate


After participating in this webinar attendees will:

  1. Understand how energy-intensive U.S. hospitals are and how they use energy.
  2. Identify available strategies for capturing and re-using waste energy within hospitals
  3. Understand the need for research and code development to clear the path to net-zero hospitals.
  4. Learn design strategies for adaptation to changing regulations and renewable energy development.




This session is part of the Beyond Basics Series by the Academy of Architecture for Health.  The web-based 60-minute seminars are tailored to provide sessions are tailored to provide healthcare design professionals with sufficient exposure to jump-start interest in wanting to learn more.


Jim Crabb, PE, LEED AP

I have been planning and designing hospital mechanical systems for more than 30 years. As an industry, our view of energy and sustainability has certainly developed, but there remains tremendous opportunity for improvement. I believe that healthcare facilities can reflect the spirit of healing and wellness of the people that inhabit them if we apply our experience and creativity to making each facility better.


John Kreidich AIA, CHC, LEED AP B+C
John Kreidich, now retired, from 2000-2018, the go-to resource for hospital‐related safety, infection control, sustainable building, and medical equipment procurement matters at McCarthy’s Central Division, was Vice President, System, Facilities Planning and Construction for Penn State Geisinger 1997 ‐ 2000, following four years as Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management at Penn State’s Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.