How Architecture Can Combat Loneliness

When:  Mar 6, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)

How Architecture Can Combat Loneliness
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In a time of hyper connection and communication, many of us report feeling lonely and detached, and there is strong evidence that this has a toxic effect on our health and happiness. Peavey will share an evidence-based framework to design for social connection, examine scalable strategies — some unexpected — that lead to social environments that promote meaningful connections. Huge opportunities await architects who can leverage this knowledge to build a future marked by connections that boost our collective health.

Learn about the link between social health and overall health outcomes, specifically how loneliness has toxic health outcomes worse than smoking and obesity, and how social connection fosters health.

Explore how the built environment is a determinant of social health, working on a systems level to help to foster social interaction and health.

Understand how third places impact social health and what tangible steps we can all take to reduce feelings of loneliness in our lives and in our communities.

Explore a six-factor framework for designing research-informed third places for connection.