Best Practices: Call for volunteers

When:  Jul 8, 2024 from 05:00 PM to 05:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Practice Management

2025 Call for Nominations for Best Practices Committee



AIA Best Practices  is a collection of relevant, experience-based knowledge and expert advice on firm management, project delivery, contracts and more, aligned with the Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, 15th edition. The Best Practices committee manages this essential resource, including the creation of new articles and the continual curation of the existing content.

Best Practice committee members are responsible for seeking out and collaborating with thought leaders who can write Best Practices on subjects related to the professional practice of architecture. Topics can range from organizational development to financial management, and project management to research methods – anything that impacts the practice of architecture. Best Practices are expert-written, tested from experience, and immediately implementable to the wider AIA audience of practicing architects.

Traditionally this committee has eight members who serve for up to five years, works collaboratively with other groups especially the Practice Management knowledge community, and is supported by partial AIA staff. We are currently seeking statements of qualifications from individuals who have demonstrated leadership in the practice of architecture. 

Characteristics of successful candidates

While subcommittee members can also write Best Practices, the focus of the assignment is to serve as the point person with potential authors and shepherd their material through an approval and editing process with both the subcommittee and AIA’s professional editorial staff. We are especially looking for members who:

  • know about a variety of practice areas, including high-level expertise
  • have experience with a range of firm types (e.g. niche vs. general practices, small vs. large firms),
  • are natural connectors,
  • have an eclectic network of fellow architects and other subject matter experts related to architecture to find potential authors.

While not required, our committee would particularly benefit from applicants that can help us ease the following gaps through their own expertise or their networks:

  • Emerging professionals
  • Human resources or professional development
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Research 

Duties and Expectations

  • 1 hour/month: Participate in one hour monthly conference call
    2-10 hours/month (varies): Shepherd at least two articles through the development process per year (new or archived)
  • Attend an event during each year to network with architects and keep abreast of developments in the industry (can be the AIA Conference on Architecture, a local component event, etc.)
  • Support the work of partner committees as needed and available. Past partners include Practice Management, Construction Contract Administration, the AIA/AGC joint committee, AIA Conference on Architecture, etc.

Qualifications statements:

  • Letter of interest, including a vision of what you would like to accomplish during your appointment. Also discuss what special qualities or resources you can offer the committee as it relates to their objectives. Please include the following paragraph or something similar in this letter—you may alter it to be more specific to your situation, but we’re looking for a confirmation that you have your firm’s commitment to supporting your involvement:
    • Statement of commitment: I attest that I have discussed this potential volunteer commitment with anyone professional partners I may have, including my supervisor(s) or firm partner(s) (or am a solo practitioner). I have full support to participate in this activity, recognizing that it will ask me to dedicate time and energy in this volunteer capacity. 
  • Resume with:
    • Professional accomplishments including volunteer activities.
    • Skills - leadership, organizational, speaking as well as your position and duties in your firm; what are the particular skills that you would bring to the committee
  • Letter of commitment from a leader in your firm that demonstrates your firm’s commitment to supporting your involvement.

The American Institute of Architects actively promotes a diverse profession, including race, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation. The Best Practices committee strives to be an inclusive group representing diversity of thought, geographic diversity, both traditional and non-traditional practice and as well as providing opportunities for seasoned professionals, associate members and young architects.

Please submit the above information via the following link. Applications are scheduled to open on May 31, 2024, and are due July 8, 2024 by 5pm Eastern.   

(link to be provided--will be posted here when available first.)

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