Retrofitting Suburbia for Equity and Resilience to Climate Change [CxD Communities in Transition ser

When:  Aug 16, 2022 from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Communities by Design

Retrofitting Suburbia for Equity and Resilience to Climate Change [CxD Communities in Transition series]
With all the talk about the importance of cities in the global climate fight, suburban jurisdictions have received relatively less attention. However, in the US suburban residents are responsible for half of our household carbon footprint due to inefficient land use and the resulting transportation and resource use patterns they produce. This session will explore strategies for shifting drivable suburbs to more walkable urban communities and explain how this change supports goals and policies related to resilience, active transportation, and community building. In addition, the speakers will discuss gentrification pressures and the implications strategies have on communities, with the goal of breaking cycles of disinvestment and preventing displacement.  Join this important conversation with thought leaders who are driving the movement and working on the front lines of suburban change today. 

Hosted by AIA Center for Communities by Design.

Learning objectives

  • Explain key challenges suburbs face in the climate transition
  • Explore key principles and priorities to consider and understand a variety of retrofit opportunities and challenges
  • Apply practical lessons learned from experience implementing suburban retrofit projects and their application to similar suburban contexts elsewhere
  • Identify tools to improve equitable outcomes and a community’s social cohesion

More about the CxD Communities in Transition Series:

The 21st century is an era of ongoing and dramatic change, with communities facing multiple acute stresses at a time. While adapting to the negative consequences of climate change, many communities are simultaneously grappling with deep systemic inequities and difficult economic conditions. 

Throughout this live series, hosted by the AIA Center for Communities by Design (CxD), participants will gain real world insights into many of the challenges our communities are facing and the innovative approaches that have been applied across the country to address them. Speakers will highlight how architects, civic leaders, and other professionals can leverage tools and strategies to ease the burden of these transitions. View the series page here.


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