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The mission of the Historic Resources Committee (HRC) is to identify, understand, and preserve architectural heritage, both nationally and internationally. HRC is engaged in promoting the role of the historic architect within the profession through the development of information and knowledge among members, allied professional organizations, and the public.

Information on polymeric materials in historic and contemporary architecture

  • 1.  Information on polymeric materials in historic and contemporary architecture

    Posted 07-20-2022 12:37 PM
    The following news about polymeric materials in architecture – a comprehensive information package – should be of interest to the AIA's Historic Resources Knowledge Community. Your alerting members of the Community would be appreciated. Thanks.

    There are now only a limited number of the Architectural Plastics & Polymer Composites in the 21stCentury package, issued in 2021, still available. This package, which includes a two-volume publication and a digital file of an extensive range of relevant material, would be an excellent and valuable addition to a person's reference shelf or an organization's library/resource center.

    The book contains useful, practical information on properties, performance, and use of polymeric materials in the preservation, adaptive-reuse, protection and care, and protection of architecture and cultural properties. In addition, several case histories are detailed that cover the role of plastics in the construction and sustainability of historic and traditional structures, as well as the design and tratment of modern and iconic buildings, bridges, pavillions, and other entities. Among the properties discussed are the Monsanto House of the Future, the Great Pagoda at Kew, the Eden Project, the Herman Miller Furniture Factory, the Futuro, and the National Aquatics Center.

    The authors of the papers in this information compendium are noted authorities in building technology and preservation, structural engineering, energy conservation, polymer science, and architectural design; several are AIA Fellows.

    In addition, included as part of this package there is a CD featuring the complete contents of 43 relevant books, reports, and other literature issued from 1917 to 2020.

    The Table of Contents for Vol.1 &Vol. 2, and the Order Form for the package are shown in the two attached PDFs.

    Questions? Contact the book's editor – Susan E. Schur, Hon. AIA, FAPT, at: ses_tec_con@msn.com


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