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The mission of the Historic Resources Committee (HRC) is to identify, understand, and preserve architectural heritage, both nationally and internationally. HRC is engaged in promoting the role of the historic architect within the profession through the development of information and knowledge among members, allied professional organizations, and the public.

4th Avenue Theater Redevelopment - Anchorage, Alaska

  • 1.  4th Avenue Theater Redevelopment - Anchorage, Alaska

    Posted 08-11-2022 07:43 PM

    To All,


    The attached is the Rebuttal to the Anchorage Daily News in their Rebuttal of my Rebuttal of last Sunday to the Chang brother's inaccurate and untrue editorial last Wednesday that I submitted this past Monday.  I just re-sent it to Tom Hewitt.


    The following is what I sent as a letter just moments ago to the News:

    "This day will live in infamy for Governor Dunleavy, the Legislature, the Mayor, the Assembly, the contractors involved, the Anchorage Daily News that printed untruths in favor of demolition, and especially the Fang/Chang family and all those that perpetrated the lies about the alleged hazardous materials, the alleged excessive cost to restore the 4th Avenue Theatre and the alleged inability to adaptively re-use the Theatre. Shame on you--karma is a bitch that will find you!!"


    Although I appreciate the editorial in the News yesterday from my Fellow Architects (pun intended!) about saving the Theatre, I am afraid it is too little and too late!!  I've been trying to save the Theatre for 34 years, the Jesse Lee Home for a quarter of a century before it was torn recently, and many other historic structures over the past 45 years-some have been saved and some have been destroyed.  I have over 60 historic preservation projects in Alaska and Washington states.  And yet I've been deemed unworthy of Fellowship status by the past chair of the FAIA selection committee.  See attached letter from Tom Livingston.  I don't know what Tom has against me, but I am fed up.  I would like to be considered for the FAIA this year.  If you have any questions, you can view my website at the link below.


    Janet told me that you, CB, are now the Chair of the FAIA Selection Committee, so please consider me for FAIA status.  I just turned 70 last month and have been in this profession since I was 16.  I decided when I was 12 I would become an Architect-my mistake, but I wouldn't want to do it over!  I've been in this State since I was 3 in 1955, with time out for college and time away for the depression from 1988-1991.


    Here's what I've done recently to save the Theatre.  What have you done except write a weak, self-serving letter that is pathetic!


    The following email is what I sent to Janet yesterday who actually cares about Historic Preservation compared to what the rest of the Fellows have done over the years!:




    I was just wondering how the FAIA Opinion piece came about.  In some way I'm glad it was published but in other ways I think it may be too little too late.  It seems as if the FAIA members are tooting their own horns by the explanation of the requirement for FAIA status and takes away from the argument.


    I thought you might be interested in some information below about the secretive document of agreement between the City and Peach.  I've also put a link below to the interview I had last week with Channel 2 News.  Also, the article that was published in The Washington Post.  Also, my Rebuttal this past Sunday in response to the Chang brothers inaccurate and despicable Opinion piece in the News last Wednesday.  I've also submitted a Rebuttal to the News surprise Rebuttal to my Rebuttal that was on the page opposite mine to the Changs.  I've lost track of my editorials and letters to the editor that have been printed in the past 34 years but there have been many.


    What made the FAIA members finally decide to voice their opinion?  Since you are the only Historic Preservation Architect, I imagine you were probably the driving force!  Thank you. 


    I am a bit miffed at Tom Livingston being a part of the letter when he has opposed my FAIA status for years.  He even sent me a letter of rejection years ago since he was the chair of the FAIA selection committed for Alaska.  Do you know if he still is the chair and if I have any hope in getting selected and gaining the support of the FAIA members in the State?


    Hope you are well!


    "If you think that this secret agreement between the Mayor and the Fangs is a crime, let the Assembly know. They might not be aware of this atrocious agreement, but they should be. It is signed only by Amy Demboski and Maria and Joe Fang. It allows the demolition of the 4th Avenue Theatre to proceed with only renderings and no building permit from the City as I've stated many times before. Wake up Anchorage before our historic center is totally destroyed:  https://secureservercdn.net/


    As you might have seen this is what I've been up to lately trying to save the 4th:

    Channel 2 News https://www.alaskasnewssource.com/2022/08/03/fourth-avenue-theater-demolition-set-begin-this-week/

    , The Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/efforts-fail-to-save-historic-alaska-theater-from-demolition/2022/08/04/1581160e-1442-11ed-8482-06c1c84ce8f2_story.html?fb_news_token=wKgB%2B%2BHJ8JWVxKT9WpxegA%3D%3D.ss8ojSo3ML4AOBjLS0pdHeRJd7enFMqP9PbDhMhCnHFdlj8SwO1owgWrARD1YJbGp%2BN5lAWukXZisfIzwstiZtA4Z8miAHqGDSugcGFHEmL7PshDJRt9PxhSkZn8CmMQWD2TqBKmC3WIu0yNAlmTaECRftyRyT3wtRB86JQdInSvP4B1GOCs9DUgXP9GjIp9ueXOAxFDfT2wN1p0%2BLBQpFo6v4wEe6pLQOegGBrBjg3701vf82aVqAXhgPCcYSz64Tt5%2FSjgwHAVHsu%2BvAiGAVVlKQpjnIxcyqEYHl8Zmju4G1tLp5CkgcoQVHHMSIjcqnK3FR%2Bl5fh38OMPyXZ9S9u812Fva6WA%2BE3qJYW6u%2B7T%2B0vsXOHYRbkfRPh%2F8dT0Wr%2FYaK8AJ3yfqnAXoQ%2BMGxs9MpIaCEeDJss6b%2B4n6%2FJiIPTSMQmUluZtYUS3BBFwk1AU8Oh923nU7hd65pU7sQ%3D%3D&fbclid=IwAR2tJjULhLj0IMxrD7StCHfgOoQUC_0Fx6QD56P8kcBZdMRpoGOuBcVM98s

    , the Anchorage Daily News https://www.adn.com/opinions/2022/08/06/opinion-new-4th-avenue-destroys-anchorage-history-with-demolition-downtown/?commentID=dc887c99-9081-4351-a430-061f1438be6e"




    Very sincerely,


    Samuel Duff Combs, AIA, NCARB, Historic Preservation Architect





    Sam, AIA


    Sam Combs, AIA, NCARB, Architect          

    Combs & Combs, AIA, Architecture, Interiors & Art

    7480 Upper O'Malley Road

    Anchorage, Alaska 99507

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    Web Site:  www.combsandcombsaia.com




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