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CCA Mission

Through webinars, live presentations, interactive discussions, and our growing library of white papers, we inform architects of the importance of construction phase services. These programs and papers, provided by members of the CCA KC, cover a broad variety of CCA-related topics from beginner to expert. They describe current best practices for effective CCA, investigate changing CCA roles and responsibilities, and offer opinions on controversial subjects.

About CCA

It is Construction Phase Services that offer the last opportunity to accomplish important tasks; tasks that can lead to a lowering of project problems and potential claims.

  • The last Quality Control can be taking place as construction is underway.
  • Claims can be avoided, or at least mitigated into less aggravated issues.
  • The architect has the opportunity to create a bond through a team atmosphere with the other members, including the owner, contractors, engineers, local building authorities, etc.
  • The practitioner can tie in the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) within his or her office.

White Paper Library

The primary mission of the Construction Contract Administration Knowledge Community is to create a dialogue among its members and to disseminate knowledge to its members and to the profession. These papers, written by members of the CCA KC, cover a broad variety of CCA-related topics, and consist of descriptions of current best practices, investigations into changing CCA roles and responsibilities, and opinion pieces on controversial subjects.


The materials on this website are made available for informational purposes only and are not presented or given as legal or professional advice. Legal and professional advice must conform to the specific facts and circumstances of each matter, and nothing contained herein should be used as a substitute for or acted upon without the advice of competent legal or other professional counsel.


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