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1.  LinkedIn's definition of Architecture

Posted 05-09-2013 15:04
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At the urging of client (who is a marketing consultant) to update my LinkedIn profile, I found that LinkedIn uses this definition of architecture under Skills:


The software architecture of a system is the set of structures needed to reason about the system, which comprise software elements, relations among them, and properties of both. The term also refers to documentation of a system's "software architecture." Documenting software architecture facilitates communication between stakeholders, documents early decisions about high-level design, and allows reuse of design components and patterns between projects.

I flagged the definition and LinkedIn showed me that the link is to Wikipedia and offered me the opportunity to suggest a better link.  Seemed like a great opportunity to link to the AIA website but, alas, I can't find a succinct definition on  I hope an AIA staff member monitoring this discussion will find a good, general purpose definition  of our profession to use on the AIA website and create the necessary link for LinkedIn.

Rebecca Fant AIA
Architecture Matters, PLLC
Charlotte NC

2.  RE:LinkedIn's definition of Architecture

Posted 05-10-2013 17:39
If they want to use wikipedia, the could use the *actual* Architecture wiki page...

But yes, an AIA page would be great.

Pamela Leonard AIA

3.  RE:LinkedIn's definition of Architecture

Posted 05-10-2013 18:21
Rebecca, LinkedIn is fibbing to us:

Sean Catherall AIA
Herriman UT

Rebecca Fant AIA
Architecture Matters, PLLC
Charlotte NC

4.  RE:LinkedIn's definition of Architecture

Posted 05-13-2013 11:09
This is the Wikipedia link for architecture that  I found -

This is the Wikipedia link for architecture that I found -

"Architecture" can mean:

  • A general term to describe buildings and other physical structures.
  • The art and science of designing and erecting buildings and other physical structures.
  • The style and method of design and construction of buildings and other physical structures.
  • The practice of the architect, where architecture means the offering or rendering of professional services in connection with the design and construction of buildings, or built environments.[1]
  • The design activity of the architect, from the macro-level (urban design, landscape architecture) to the micro-level (construction details and furniture).
  • The term "architecture" has been adopted to describe the activity of designing any kind of system, and is commonly used in describing information technology. "

I'm not totaly understanding how LINKEDIN got this definition.  Are they cluless or what?  Wikipidea  say "Adopted by the software Industry".  Who gave them permission ?. Dosen't "Software Engineer" fit there need anymore. Maybe they just felt the could Hack-in, cut and paste, or sample or just rip-off whatever they want.

I would definitly like to be part of the pushing back and getting some measure of balance back to our profession, the second oldest  I believe the joke goes.

David DeFilippo AIA
Tsoi/Kobus Associates; Cambridge, MA


Rebecca Fant AIA
Architecture Matters, PLLC
Charlotte NC

5.  RE:LinkedIn's definition of Architecture

Posted 05-13-2013 16:16

Here is the "Architecture" entry on Wikipedia: . It's the first item that comes up if you perform a Google search for the word.

Amin Badie AIA

6.  RE:LinkedIn's definition of Architecture

Posted 05-14-2013 14:57
Hi Rebecca,

Interesting find. I see the top "architectural professional" result is a manager at Microsoft. It may be that the software professionals merely got to the trough first.

I would echo the suggestion for everyone to mark as "incorrect" and enter your preferred architecture page. I did. 

This looks like a growing pain of new functionality on LinkedIn deployed through some sort of automation. How else do organizations (
AIA and NCARB) and a periodical (Architectural Design) become skills? Perhaps a disambiguation step is needed, as Wikipedia discovered.

This actually reminds me of when the LinkedIn company pages were brand new. The automated AIA company page information was architecture-related one day and an insurance company in the UK the next. They finally worked out the kinks.

Sincerely, Kathleen

Kathleen Simpson
Director, Knowledge Communities
The American Institute of Architects
Washington DC

7.  RE:LinkedIn's definition of Architecture

Posted 05-14-2013 18:21

Today I received a LinkedIn email with the subject line:
Paul: Microsoft, CA Technologies and Eclipse Combustion are looking for candidates like you.

It was for "Jobs you May Be Interested In" (even though I am not looking for a job, having only used LinkedIn to search for possible candidates) listing possibilities some algorithm decided would appeal to me. They were:


Principal Architect-BING

Greater Seattle Area


Principal Software Architect

CA Technologies
San Francisco Bay Area


Principal Engineer

Eclipse Combustion
Rockford, Illinois Area


eCommerce Architect

Open Systems Technologies
Greater New York City Area


Senior Memory System Architect - Samsung System Architecture Lab

Samsung Semiconductor
San Francisco Bay Area


In response I summited a request though their customer support contact page:


"Today I received an email from LinkedIn suggesting job positions in which I may be interested. As an architect licensed in 14 states my profession is clearly defined. The job postings suggested in your email were for computer programmers.

The use of the title "Architect" is governed by Title Acts or Practice Acts, laws enacted by the individual states. In California please see CA Business and Professions Code Chapter 3, Division 3. Also, under the CA Health and Safety Code Section 16002: "No person may use the title "Architect" who is not certified under the Business and Professions Code."

For a common definition of the term please see:

I am asking you to be more diligent in the proper use of protected titles. I do understand that the word "architect" is not protected in a conversational sense. Clearly, however, your email lists job postings using the title "Architect" in plain violation of California law."



A short time ago I received this response:


"Hi Paul,
Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to me. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble caused by the Job results you've seen in the Jobs You May Be Interested In

I appreciate your understanding for the relation and explanation between the construction based Architect career vs computer based engineer title or commonly called a software architect. I'll definitely send your suggestion to separate these Jobs on to our product team. When lots of people ask for the same improvement, they try their best to get it done (but sorry to say, they usually can't provide a timeline).

As you look for a new position, here is a link to help:" href="" target="new">Job Searching Tips


Paul, if there are any other questions I can help you with, please let me know.


Customer Experience Advocate"


Evidently there have been several complaints along these lines. I expect it may be a while before we see any obvious improvement.


Paul Gladysz AIA
BDA Architecture, P.C.
Albuquerque NM