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Case Study Course: Are You Ready to Design and Build a Field Hospital in 10 Days? 

11-09-2020 02:34 PM

Are You Ready to Design and Build a Field Hospital in 10 Days?

Sponsored by the Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PDKC), this is the first of three live courses in their COVID case study series. Each course consists of two case studies.

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Case Study 1.1
Wisconsin State Fair Park Exposition Center, Alternative Care Facility

Case Study 1.2
Milwaukee House of Correction, Alternative Care Facility

This time it was COVID, a global pandemic coming to our shores and our communities. Next time it might be an earthquake, a hurricane, a tornado or a different health crisis. The only certainty is that like any catastrophic event, the severity of the situation and the required response will be unpredictable, undefined and rapidly evolving. How can you be ready as a designer to answer the call at your fullest potential when the situation arises?

Learning objectives
After participating, attendees will:
  1. Know how to build an expert rapid‐response team that is right for your situation. It begins (and ends) with the team. You will learn the attributes, skills and commitments you should be looking for in your partners as you assemble your team of experts.
  2. Understand how to develop a highly effective engagement process that brings all key stakeholders to the table at the FIRST responsible moment. You will learn how this team built the ultimate “Big Room” by expanding that concept to include and integrate not only the designers and builders, but also the owner, operator and authorities having jurisdiction, to facilitate a highly effective rapid‐response design build process.
  3. Know the key tactics, insights and pitfalls to converting an Expo Hall into a field hospital in ten days. Like any project, schedule, budget and quality drove the process. You will learn how to successfully navigate through those challenges in a hyper‐compressed timeframe.
  4. Understand the challenges and strategies of developing a field hospital in a non‐traditional setting like a prison. You will learn how to balance the demands of designing a field hospital to meet not only the healthcare needs of a prison population, but also how to do it in a safe, secure manner as required in that setting.

Education Level


Paul Widlarz, AIA
Vice President and Healthcare Principal at HGA
Cory Powers, CPD
Principal and Project Manager in HGA’s Energy and Infrastructure group

Adam Jelen
Senior Vice President, Adam Jelen leads Gilbane’s Central Midwest division and is responsible for offices in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Toledo and Indiana

Lynn Ewing, PE
Chicago and Nashville District Corps of Engineers

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