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2011 conference: Design Management a Lean Approach (From TAP Faster Forward) 

11-23-2011 08:44 AM

From TAP Faster Forward 2011, Bruce Cousin, AIA, presents "Design Management: A Lean Approach." He sets out the following learning objectives: 1) 3D Building Information Modeling technology is changing the way Architects design and deliver a project; 2) Combining the “Lean” Process with BIM technology works to facilitate a collaborative design process; 3) New Roles and Responsibilities are evolving for Architects to lead and or collaborate with all project stakeholders throughout design and construction process; 4) The fundamental building blocks of the Lean Process that can be applied to managing the design process? Including Design Management, Target Value Design, Set Based Design, Rapid Prototyping, Co-Location, Shared risk & reward; and 5) Path Forward for Lean, BIM and IPD projects?

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Faster Forward 2011 presentation by Bruce Cousins.

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