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CAE Research ThinkTank call with Angelica Rojas-Garcia 

17 days ago

On Friday October 2nd, the CAE Research ThinkTank was joined by Angelica Rojas-Garcia, a researcher and designer from Australia. Angelica is a designer with IncluDesign which is a design studio focusing on urban design, architecture, planning, ecology, engagement, research and education. She presented details about their work re-imagining and re-building the Purano Jhangajholi Education Centre in Sindhuli, Nepal after a 2015 earthquake.

This includes starting with a framework for regenerative development which takes into account the needs of the community, such as health and educational services, clean drinking water, job and other income-generating activities. They also included the opinions of the students, parents, teachers and larger community throughout the process and considered impacts on the surrounding ecosystem and non-human inhabitants. Their design centered (literally) around a tree that is sacred to the community and incorporates solar energy as well as local materials. Take a look at Anjelica's presentation and the meeting recording below.

For more about the project visit FONA (Friends of Nepal Association):


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