Housing and Community Development

AIA Strategic Council Housing and Infrastructure Area of Study (AOC) 

10-13-2021 08:44 AM

In 2020 the Affordable & Equitable Housing study group (within the AIA Strategic Council) initiated a deep dive into issues associated with the housing crisis. The Study focused on key aspects of Housing including Climate Action, Equitable Housing, Housing policy, and Essential Infrastructure. 

For any equitable housing to thrive it must be an integral part of a larger healthy community; the infrastructure for environmental, social, and economic context must be considered. Currently the demand for affordable and equitable housing is rising at a faster rate than the design and construction industry can meet.

AIA can position itself to leverage its knowledge base to develop new tools that are outward facing to support its members.  Consequently, this will position architects as a resource to community leaders and the public as thought leaders regarding the integration of equitable housing in support of community economic, social, health and wellbeing.

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