Committee on Architecture for Education

Educators as Change Agents – Students as Experts 

01-08-2019 13:37

Join us for a special featured presentation and discussion focused on Design Thinking and Designing with Students as Experts. Maria C. Burke and a small team of educators at Discovery Elementary School in Arlington, VA – instigated a radical change in the curriculum in 2017. Shortly after moving into their new, contemporary Net Zero Energy school – a team of experts and researchers got together to craft a new design thinking curriculum to engage all fifth graders in every stage of discovery, research, tinkering, experimentation, prototyping and building a new space and feature in their school. The Design Challenge has since become an institutional pathway for student-centered maker-culture for the school and the District. Learn more about how an educator leans on research to craft a process method for students and builds on research evidence for transformative pedagogy!


Maria Cuzzocrea Burke, MAT in Art Education, teaches Art at Discovery Elementary in Arlington (VA) Public Schools. She is the school’s Sustainability Liaison and has served as a Mentor and Lead Art Teacher in Arlington County. Maria is an active member and presenter and author – with presentations featured at the Virginia Art Education Association, National Art Education Association, and upcoming National Green Schools conferences. 



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