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Sustainable Justice Guidelines 

09-04-2015 12:50 PM

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The Academy of Architecture for Justice announces publication of the Sustainable Justice Guidelines. This compilation of sustainability goals, metrics, and targets, along with links to the research and built examples that support them, will help to inform all stakeholders in the field of justice architecture of the possibility and potential of building projects to advance shared goals for the justice system and our broader society. The guidelines are intended for use in federal, state or local justice systems throughout the United States that are planning to build or renovate new facilities for their justice system. Planning new physical facilities for the justice system is a crucially important time to reflect on current operations and learn from best practices, as facility location, size, and design set in place structural features that will last for decades, if not longer. The Sustainable Justice Guidelines include 36 detailed strategies supported by evidence-based research and exemplified by AIA award-winning buildings from across North America.

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This document contains a set of guidelines for courts, for law enforcement and for detention/corrections; each set has categorized impacts of concern into the societal, community, facility and human scales. Released Summer 2015