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So what is really Downhill Mountain Bike?

  • 1.  So what is really Downhill Mountain Bike?

    Posted 10-19-2019 16:19
    Downhill mountain bike. As you pedal your way up to the top of the mountain, you feel this great achievement for all the hard work you have done. But how about going back down with the mountain bike? The dedication you've shown in going uphill must also be present as you dash your way downhill.

    Others find it exciting to drive themselves down with great speed while others find it scary especially if its a very steep road to the bottom. If are not familiar with the road you will be passing through, one thing you should keep in mind is a balance, downhill trails usually have bumps and you might be jumping as high as forty feet. Pedaling is not the issue once you descend.
    Mountain bike on hill

    Competition is unique than other typical races. A race in downhill mountain bike doesn't let bikers start at the same time but they begin one by one with usually a thirty minute interval. The fastest one to finish the whole course wins the race so the last biker to begin could win by defeating the record of the bikers before him. There are also features of the trail like mounds that let bikers to go mid air. During this quick second jump, the biker can perform tricks and land back safely and continue the race without losing speed. Removing unwanted parts attached to the downhill mountain bike also contributes to increase speed. These bikes specified for this kind of race are called full suspension mountain bikes and its weight is around 17 – 25 kilograms.

    You must, at all times be balanced so you won't fall or be thrown off from your bike because of the humps you might encounter down the way. To avoid such event, always keep your buttocks to the back, this help you maintain your balance thus preventing you to fall. Straighten your arms and look forward, anticipate every corner, every bump you will encounter. Keep your toes slightly pointed outwards, this also helps your balancing and counters any force that might make you fall. If you unexpectedly hit a bump, just focus and hold the handlebar, never letting it go. Also, don't press your brakes too quickly to avoid skidding accidents and keep the mountain bike moving. Though how demanding this sport is, you must always maintain your calm. Doing rush decisions like an instant break is a dangerous idea and could cause you your limbs. All you need is to focus your balance and you could enjoy the thrill in downhill mountain bike.

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