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The AIA Corporate Architects and Facility Management (CAFM) Knowledge Community consist of architects working within and for businesses and corporations. Our mission is to share expertise in the strategic, tactical, and operational activities of real property and facilities management in order to deliver value to the owners we represent. 

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  • 1.  Topics for continuing Discussions

    Posted 07-06-2017 04:28 PM
    Thank you to those of you who responded to the "What are you interested in?" Discussion thread. The following are the summarized theme topics from what was submitted.

    ""What are you interested in?"  Discussion question – theme topics:                      7/6/17

    1. Disaster and emergency preparedness - Shelter for whom, from what, for how long?
    2. Balancing workloads - How to determine and balance construction project manager (owner representative) workloads
    3. Life cycle cost analysis - create performance or other value-based specification standards. I'm looking for optimization
    4. Architect's responsibility and life safety - provide a design the client wants, within the parameters of the building code - codes are a minimum but If the client wishes to address additional life safety measures, that's great
    5. What is the CAFM committee doing these days – (from member of this committee way back when it was called "Architects In Industry")
    6. BIM Usage Requirements - architects and engineers to be required to use BIM for County government projects
    7. Accessibility - Corporate and Non-Federal Government - Attitudes towards proactive accessibility plus Tools and Resources to identify issues with and improve accessibility

    Please feel free to start a new thread on any one of these or even new ones. The CAFM Committee will help organize and perpetuate these theme topics as a resource.

    Mark Handy AIA
    Indianapolis IN
    AIA Conference on Architecture June 22-25 Chicago

  • 2.  RE: Topics for continuing Discussions

    Posted 07-07-2017 05:28 PM
    Life Cycle Cost Analysis

    FYI: The due diligence industry, working alongside finance institutions, has developed fairly standard tables of life cycles and base costs. The standards are typically spread over a 12-30 year period (depending on the financing), inflated over the term.

    If anyone wants more info on these tables, I've got a broad background that I'm willing to share.

    Loraine Elyse DeBelser, AIA
    cell: 778.840.3558

    AIA Conference on Architecture June 22-25 Chicago