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The AIA Corporate Architects and Facility Management (CAFM) Knowledge Community consist of architects working within and for businesses and corporations. Our mission is to share expertise in the strategic, tactical, and operational activities of real property and facilities management in order to deliver value to the owners we represent. 

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  • 1.  Receiving Online Construction Bids

    Posted 12-16-2014 01:41 PM
    Does anyone have any experience with software or services that allow the Owner to receive online secure constructon bids? 

    Many of the sytems I have looked into are either hosted by print houses (which I would like to avoid since many of our projects are privately bid and our architects post the drawings to their own ftp sites anyway), are bundled as estimating software or are sites that charge the GC/CM's fees for each bid submitted which can add up for them for all the projects we do. 

    I am trying to find a system that is customizable and allows me at a minumum to set up a template based on the types of bids (lump sum, gmp etc), have bidders submit pdfs and support documents to secure folders so they can not see other's bids and blocks access after the bid period.  Ideally timestamps the pdf submission upon opening and allows the pdfs and documents to be moved to other computer platforms within our workflow.

    I have even looked into cloud storage sites ( that have some of the functionality albeit with a lot of retooling but not all the features that would make a bid process pass our own corporate compliance protocols as well as be a automated as possible.

    Americo Crincoli AIA
    AVP Design and Construction
    Barnabas Health
    West Orange NJ
    AIA Conference on Architecture June 22-25 Chicago

  • 2.  RE: Receiving Online Construction Bids

    Posted 12-17-2014 05:53 PM
    For many years we have accepted bids electronically but on private jobs or municipal micro jobs only. I will only accept locked PDFs  and generally only send documents that are locked. The risk of alteration is real and can make life more confusing than necessary.

    We only use our secure servers. The cyber plan room is a worry. (Visions of Star Wars cyber lounge!)
    Sometimes the simplest solution is best. No fuss. No muddled communications.

    John Dugger AIA
    Principal Architect
    J S Dugger, AIA & Associates
    Gloucester MA

    AIA Conference on Architecture June 22-25 Chicago

  • 3.  RE:Receiving Online Construction Bids

    Posted 12-18-2014 10:25 AM
    Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) typically house a Capital Projects module that enables a corporation to manage its' enterprise capital projects from planning through design, construction and into operation using a single portal managing corporate and vendor logins by role. Templates are created for parent projects (programs) and child projects within programs that are linked to corporate financial systems for reporting.

    Capital projects manage vendor contracting, scopes, schedules and budgets plus change orders, invoices and vendor payments. Drawings, specifications, warranties and preventive maintenance schedules are maintained in a document management System as part of the application.

    There are several applications to choose from, please contact me for additional information.

    Robin Ellerthorpe, FAIA

    Robin Ellerthorpe FAIA
    Strategic Account Executive
    Computerized Facility Integration, LLC
    Walker MI

    AIA Conference on Architecture June 22-25 Chicago

  • 4.  RE:Receiving Online Construction Bids

    Posted 12-22-2014 12:12 AM
    Look at Textura programs

    Jonathan Drescher AIA
    The Durst Organization
    New York NY

    AIA Conference on Architecture June 22-25 Chicago

  • 5.  RE: Receiving Online Construction Bids

    Posted 12-24-2014 03:39 AM
    Dear All,
    Good day and happy new year,
    In my opinion the best practice to subject achievement is thru Maximo or ERP and attachements all PDF format with validation password.
    Perhaps, other system like EPM oracle base is too workable but its required more documentation work.
    Hope new year will enrich with new thoughts and outcomes.

    Mohammed Jafar Siddiqui
    Architectural Engineer

    AIA Conference on Architecture June 22-25 Chicago