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KIA International Invitational Exhibition: 100 Architects of the Year 2019

  • 1.  KIA International Invitational Exhibition: 100 Architects of the Year 2019

    Posted 07-12-2019 09:18 AM



    Korean Institute of Architects International Invitational Exhibition: 100 Architects of the Year 2019

    1.    Intention

    o    <100 Architects of the Year> is an annual international exhibition that presents a unique perspective on
    Korean architecture, in the context of global architectural trends and exchanges. Following the 30-year
    tradition of the Korean Architectural Exhibition, <100 Architects of the Year> has been expanded to become
    the world's first UIA-certified international exhibition since 2012. This exhibition, hosted by the
    Korean Institute of Architects(KIA) and the Union Internationale des Architectes(UIA), bridges contemporary
    architecture with architects' personal philosophies, and offers to the public a shared experience of immersing
    in architectural culture.

    2.    Qualification

    o    All foreign architects participating need to acquire the official recommendation from their national
    architect institute recognized by Union Internationale des Architectes(UIA).

    3.    Selection Criteria

    o    Architects who participate in <100 Architects of the Year> have already been recognized for
    their qualifications. The selection is evaluated to determine whether a certain level has been reached for the
    exhibition. The Peer Reviewer consists of five members and selects the participating architects of
    <100 Architects of the Year> by reviewing the panels under anonymous names.

    4.    Registration

    o    4.1. Application Form : > KIA > 100 ARCHITECTS > Brief

    o    4.2. Registration

    §  4.2.1. Registration Fee : 200 USD

    §  4.2.2. Payment Method



    Payment Method


    After the Application Form is received, a Paypal invoice will be sent by E-mail.

    o    4.3. Submission

    §  4.3.1. Submission Method: Email(

    §  4.3.2. Email Title: [Application]Gildong Hong *Last Name to Family Name by English

    §  4.3.3. Email Contents: Attach a Compressed ZIP Format Single File(Gildong

    o    4.4. Submission Period : Registration and Submission must be completed by the deadline.

    5.    Submission Data *[Attachment1] Submission Data Guide & Example

    o    Submission must be planned or completed within 3 years of the date of the exhibition.
    All submissions must be in English.







    Application Form, Project Form Excel Sheet



    Signed Application(PDF)

    Signed Application Form, Project Form




    Official Recommendation




    Paypal Invoice




    600mm(W) X 1800mm(H), 300dpi, 1EA



    Exhibition Book Images

    Photo, Drawing, Sketch, etc. 300dpi, 10EA



    Exhibition Postcard Images

    150mm(W) X 100mm(H), 300dpi, 1EA



    Architect Profile Image

    30mm(W) X 40mm(H), 300dpi, 1EA




    6.    Schedule



    Date, Korea Standard Time (UTC/GMT+9)


    August 12 (Mon), until 5 PM


    Scheduled in August


    Scheduled in August


    September 20(Fri) ~ 26(Thu), KIA Convention Exhibition @Culture Station Seoul 284

    o    *Detailed schedule can be changed and announced on KIA website

    7.    Peer Reviewer

    o    *Peer Reviewer will be announced on KIA website

    8.    Benefit

    o    8.1. Exhibition Book & Certificates

    o    8.2. Exhibition Postcard & Images

    o    8.3. Architect Information displayed at the panel

    9.    Miscellaneous

    o    9.1. There is no refund of the registration fee after the deadline. However, if the applicant does not
    select by the peer review, a refund is available.(Money transfer fee paid by the sender)

    o    9.2. The applicant is responsible for any non-compliance with the notice and copyright issues.

    o    9.3. The applicant shall not make any objections to the Peer Reviewer's selection method, standards,
    or the results, andshall maintain security against the progress before the official announcement.

    o    9.4. Domestic and international exhibitions can be held. This may incur additional costs.

    o    9.5. The Host has the right to use the exhibition and publicity of the submission data.
    The applicant has the responsibility of submission data's copyright issue.

    o    9.6. The applicant is responsible for submitting and transferring work. The host is responsible
    for the storage andmanagement of works during the exhibition. However, the applicant is
    responsible for the unreturned work afterthe exhibition period.

    o    9.7. Other matters will be decided by the Committee of <100 Architects of the Year>

    10.  Organization

    o    10.1. Host: Korean Institute of Architects(KIA), Union Internationale des Architectes(UIA)

    o    10.2. Organizer: Korean Institute of Architects International Committee

    o    10.3. Sponsor : Ilshin Cultural Foundation

    o    10.4. Director & Commissioner: Kyuman Song, Seongseok Ko, Leeyong Sung, Kangheon Lee

    o    10.5. International Committee: Kyuman Song, Sukki Kim, Jaemin Yoon, Seongseok Ko, Juwon Kim, Jinho Park,
    Leeyong Sung, Abraham Chiwon Ahn, Kangheon Lee, Soeun Cho, Juyeoun Choi

    11.  Inquiry

    o    11.1. Web: | Email:

    o    11.2. Tel: +82-2-741-1584 | Fax: +82-2-743-5363

    100 Architects of the Year 2019_Introduction_English.pdf

    100 Architects of the Year 2019_Brief &


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