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The mission of the Historic Resources Committee (HRC) is to identify, understand, and preserve architectural heritage, both nationally and internationally. HRC is engaged in promoting the role of the historic architect within the profession through the development of information and knowledge among members, allied professional organizations, and the public.

  • 1.  News from the AIA HRC!

    Posted 12-16-2021 09:18 AM
    Edited by Elizabeth M. Hallas AIA 12-16-2021 09:19 AM
    Happy holidays - there are several important items we would like to call your attention to:

    First - after a hiatus in 2021 - the HRC's premier event, the Taliesin Colloquium is back on for 2022 - with precautions in place. As such - there are limited registrations - so be sure to sign up early. Here is the link: http://www.aia.org/2022taliesin 

    Second - we would like to congratulate Nathan Walz, the 2021 award winner of the Holland prize.  To read more - here is a link to the Library of Congress post: Library of Congress, National Park Service Announce 2021 Holland Prize Winner

    Lastly - today has a free educational offering by one of the AIA HRC Members and 2022 Incoming Chair SueAnn Pemberton, titled "Push and Pull: A Dialogue of Preservation Education and the Profession". More information can be found here:  https://www.ncpe.us/push-pull-a-dialog-of-preservation-education-the-profession/

    Elizabeth Hallas AIA
    Anderson Hallas Architects, P.C.
    Golden CO
    2023 RUDC Symposium

  • 2.  RE: News from the AIA HRC!

    Posted 12-21-2021 06:11 PM
    Thank you for posting the link for the Taliesin Colloquium. 

    The current climate crisis has changed codes and regulations and goals toward sustainable building practices.  Equally our understanding of the need for historic preservation to take on a more holistic view of sustainability including social, cultural and economic equity has intensified and calls for us to look closely as to whether current standards are inclusive or exclusive.  This Colloquium will take a deep dive into the global issues that preservationists face today and the Standards and Guidelines that have been the backbone of our practice.

    Jill Gotthelf AIA
    Walter Sedovic Architects
    Irvington NY

    2023 RUDC Symposium