Urban Transformation: Calling Architects: A C40 Competition


by Helene Chartier, Senior Advisor, Reinventing Cities, C40 Climate Leadership Group


Don’t miss this great opportunity to participate in a global competition for innovative carbon-free resilient urban solutions led by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. The competition has identified 49 sites in 19 cities to transform into showcase solutions for carbon-neutral and resilient urban regeneration. From the website: “Reinventing Cities is a great opportunity for cities, urban development stakeholders, and citizens to benefit from this ‘open source’ and international contest designed to accelerate decarbonised, resilient and sustainable urban environments around the world.


The Reinventing Cities competition is unique in many ways. Multidisciplinary teams compete for the opportunity to transform the sites from idea to implementation. In addition to architects or urban designers, environmental experts, investors and contractors, teams may include artists, designers, and community stakeholders. The sites include seven North American cities: Chicago (2 sites), Houston (2 sites), Mexico City (2 sites), Montreal, Portland OR, San Francisco (2 sites), Vancouver.  Architects can work on any of the projects globally. Teams are forming now for Phase I Expression of Interest due May 31, 2018. Final selection will take place early in 2019.


Informational meetings and site visits in US cities are taking place now, register below for:
Chicago - February 23,
San Francisco - March 7
Houston - March 9
Portland March 8

Check out the Reinventing Cities website for submission requirements, schedule, partnership opportunities, and other information.