2017 Portland Spring Conference Wrap-Up

Review the Conference Book

Available as a download, the conference book includes:

  • Letter from the conference co-chairs
  • Letter from the CAE chair
  • Project profiles for each space toured
  • Details for each session, including speaker biographies
  • Maps, with the tour locations highlighted
  • A thank you to our sponsors, VS America and Staples Business Advantage

Links of Interest

Presentation: Ira Socol and Pam Moran

Maker Programs

All Conference tour sites


Photos by Daniel Rollet

Photos by Daniel Rollet

Building benches

For our Saturday makerspace workshop, we built benches! This was part of a hands-on workshop in a Portland Makerspace, where five benches were made. The benches were donated to the adjacent community. Each group was led by a leading voice in makerspace culture, allowing participants to become fully immersed in the use of a makerspace and engage in a service exercise that benefits local Portland residents. 

Want to build your own? Get the directions »

The Scholars

Congratulations to our 2017 CAE scholars! All scholars are asked to contribute to the conference in various ways, including sharing narratives about their experience with educational facilities and the CAE conference. Learn more about the scholars through their blog posts below. Emerging professionals interested in receiving a future scholarship may apply here.

Chris Blessen
"I am working to build a knowledge network that can advance not only our practice in the design of educational facilities but also allow us to be meaningful contributors to the discussion as these facilities and their needs evolve." 

Read his blog posts

Jane McGarry
"Recently I have returned to Australia and have been leading a local team on various school delivery projects. My international experience working abroad in the UK and the USA has further contributed to my fascination of learning and regionalism."

Read her blog posts

Daniel Rollet
"The work we do at Perkins Eastman continues to fuel my passion for meeting the needs of not only the students we serve, but more and more the communities where the schools reside."

Read his blog posts



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