Education Facility Design Awards


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 Seton Hill Arts Center in Greensburg, Pennsylvania | 2016 Educational Facility Design Award of Excellence | Architects: designLAB architects; BSHM Architects | Image credit: Jonathan Hillyer


The 2016 book is now also available: Free PDF download | Purchase a print on demand copy

The CAE Design Awards is an Internet-based marketplace of ideas. Through this forum the committee disseminates quality ideas on educational facility planning and design to clients, architects, and the public. As how we educate ourselves continues to evolve, we must evaluate and measure our successes, and have an arena in which to test ideas. This awards program is an opportunity to engage in critical evaluation and experimentation, not as an end in itself, but always in the context of our clients and their needs.

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2015 Book: Free PDF download | Purchase a print on demand copy
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*The image provided in the header, taken by Bill Timmerman Photography, depicts the Health Sciences Education Building, Phoenix Biomedical Campus (University of Arizona & Northern Arizona University).