2012 Member Slideshow: Ehrlich Architects, Culver City, CA

By Ann Kirsten Thompson posted 02-13-2013 21:26


Member Slideshows are created each year for the Spring Conference to illustrate the recent work of the attendee’s firms. All COD members are welcome to participate. Attendees have 6 slides and 60 seconds to present their projects, or whatever is on their mind. Many of the 2012 Member Slideshow slides are posted on the COD Pinterest page.

Takashi Yanai, AIA of Ehrlich Architects presented his slides.

Kreutzer Residence, Houston, TX. Rendering by bioLINIA.

33 Spring Road, Marin County, CA. Rendering by bioLINIA.

McElroy Residence, Laguna Beach, CA. Rendering by bioLINIA.

Schindler House on Ellis Avenue, Englewood, CA. Photo courtesy of Grant Mudford.

UC Irvine Contemporary Arts Center, Irvine, CA. Photo courtesy of Lawrence Anderson/ESTO.

ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration, Tempe, AZ. Rendering by bioLINIA