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By Kathleen McCormick posted 08-01-2011 02:04 PM


In response to " the profession in need of a makeover..."?
Contributed by
John Missell, AIA

… We have had sound legal and insurer [advice] over the last 3 to 4 decades which has caused, in the mind's eye of the clients, the perception of an unstable, risk averse group that exhibits lack of leadership and vision. You can not be the master builder and provide to the client a 2 part renewed and revised owner architect agreement that could be characterized as paranoid and distancing form the central responsibilities of "The Master Builder". This is a huge disconnect and erodes [credibility] and trust worthiness. Here are some ideas to reformulate architecture… Read the complete blog entry and comments. *Mr. Missell has opted to make his blog as AIA Members-Only content. Users will need to sign in to AIA KnowledgeNet to view the blog and comment.

RE: Financial & project management [for small firms]
Contributed by
Ralph Gillis AIA

After using Sema4 and then Deltek for many years, we decided to seek a system more suited to the needs of a small firm of under a dozen people. Is anyone using a program that includes web access that they believe is wonderful? Read the seven responses on the Technology in Architectural Practice Discussion Forum.

Utilizing Ground-Source Heat Pumps at Trinity Church
Contributed by
Jean Carroon, FAIA LEED AP

Almost ten years ago, ground-source heat pu mps (GSHP) were proposed and installed for an expansion of Trinity Church in the City of Boston, a National Historic Landmark designed by H.H. Richardson. At the time, although not a new technology, the system was relatively unknown and our Boston based design team did extensive research to verify that it was viable and cost effective. Today, there are over one million installations according to the Geothermal Exchange Organization,, which describes itself as “The Voice of the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry in the United States”. Used for all types of buildings in all areas of the country, GSHP case studies include 12 of the 50 projects featured in my recent book, Sustainable Preservation: Greening Existing Buildings (John Wiley & Sons, 2010). Read full article in HRC’s Preservation Architect.

Neutra's Kronish House Slated for Destruction
Contributed by
David Brotman, FAIA

The current owners of Richard Neutra's Kronish House in Beverly Hills are contemplating its demolition. As architects we need to take a stand and not allow another important work of 20th Century architecture to be demolished when it should be lauded and regarded as an historic architectural landmark. Read the entry blog entry and act now.

Expand Your Business with Supplemental Services
Contributed by
Richard L. Hayes, PhD, AIA

Supplemental architectural services can: help architects generate income; increase the value of the firm through diversification; help attract new clients or keep the firm involved with existing patrons; be used as special projects for young professionals to nurture their development. The AIA’s Supplemental Architectural Services series contains bullet points on developing knowledge and skills about supplemental services, understanding the deliverables and tasks that clients need from supplemental services, as well as the AIA Contract Document that can be used in conjunction with those services.

A companion Guide to Planning a Roundtable Education Program is also available to help you use these elements to create a real-time dialogue.

Potential New Tax Credits for Historic Preservation
Contributed by
Historic Resources Committee

Last week Congressional backers of historic preservation are planning to introduce two bills in the House of Representatives that will dramatically expand the use of the historic preservation tax credit to help revitalize both commercial and residential buildings. These bills will could create jobs, help architects bring older buildings and communities back, and save energy. Read the more about tax credits and more of HRC’s Latest News.

Herman Miller Healthcare Scholarship Program Deadline Extended to August 19th
Contributed by
Academy of Architecture for Health

Herman Miller Healthcare will sponsor eight intern architects to attend HealthcareDesign.11, the fall conference of the Center for Health Design/AIA Academy of Architecture for Health. The conference is held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN, from November 13-16, 2011. Each selected intern architect received up to a $1,500 reimbursement to cover registration fees, air travel, and hotel room costs. This scholarship program is part of Herman Miller Healthcare's continuing commitment to excellence in healthcare architecture and support of young architects. Applications due August 19, 2011. Apply today.

Connect with Custom Residential Architects: Elevating the Art of Residential Design and Practice
Sponsored by the
AIA Custom Residential Architects Network

The fourth annual three day national symposium will be held at the Omni Severin in Indianapolis on October 14-16, 2011. The event will focus on the advancement of Residential Architects in the field of Residential Architecture, awareness within AIA of the importance of Residential Architects, the sharing of best practices, and the development of long lasting relationships within the profession and the field of Residential Architecture. Access the symposium brochure with schedule and register now to save $50.

Crafting the Future
Contributed by the Committee on Design

This Joint Conference of AIA Northwest & Pacific Region and the AIA Committee on Design with AIA Japan is laid out to offer a dynamic look at Tokyo and the region beyond to the south and west. In Part One, The AIA Northwest & Pacific Region's annual conference, we will concentrate on touring key sites in and around Tokyo visiting well known mid century modern buildings as well as recently completed projects by the country's rising young Architects and by well known international practitioners. Part Two of the conference, hosted by the AIA Committee on Design, begins and the group departs by train to Nagoya, carrying on by bus to Takayama and concludes in Kanazawa in western Japan. During this tour we will visit a diverse range of historic work as well as current projects by well known Japanese practitioners. View the event schedule and register today.

Labyrinth to the Top: Women in Design Firm Leadership
Contributed by
Rena Klein, FAIA

In Fortune 500 companies only two percent of Chief Executive Officers are women. Statistics are scarce, but one can assume that in prominent architectural firms, the numbers are similar. Research is now showing that barriers to the top for women are more like a labyrinth than the iconic glass ceiling.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reports that in March 2008, sixteen percent of firm principals and partners were women, up from twelve percent in 1999. Anecdotally, it is known that most of these female principals and partners are sole proprietors or owners of small firms. This common wisdom is consistent with research studies of managerial demographics in the United States. While women occupy forty percent of all managerial positions, only six percent of the most highly paid executive positions are held by women. Read the complete article from the AIA Practice Management Digest.

Kickin' Up Your CA Efficiencies!
Andy MacPhillimy, AIA

Life in the 21 century sees new ways every day that digital technologies improve the quality and efficiency of our work. One that we have recent very positive experience with is electronic file management. Paperless-Can it Work? The dream of an all-digital or ‘paperless world' has often been talked about but seemingly very difficult to achieve. Our love of paper remains difficult to shake. On several of our recent projects the teams made a commitment to conduct our construction administration effort as paperless as possible. This involved handling all Request for Information documents (RFIs) and submittal documents electronically – from origination to completion. Read the complete article from the AIA Public Architects Cornerstone Newsletter.

Practice Management Webinars

The Best Practices webinars are a series of web-based seminars sponsored by the Practice Management Knowledge Community. Nationally recognized experts conduct a 90 minute webinars tailored to firm owners. The series focuses on topics such as client relations, tax deductions and conflict management. View PM Best Practices archives. The 2011 Schedule includes September 22 - Escaping the Wal-Marting of Design and October 13 - Understanding Your Client.