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The Interior Architecture Knowledge Community (IAKC) is committed to advancing the practice of Interior Architecture by providing its membership with resources to elevate their professional practice and design excellence. We serve to facilitate a national dialogue that addresses a range of key issues, including innovative design and programming, the incorporation of sustainable materials and technologies, and the social, cultural, and spatial impact of architecture on human experience. IAKC seeks to address national issues with regional sensitivity, providing a platform for its membership to share knowledge, gain expertise, and form collaborative relationships with industry peers and allied partners. Join us!

An interview with Luanne Carleton, AIA

By Susan Brain AIA posted 03-13-2019 12:56 PM

Luanne_headshot.pngWith over 30 years of industry experience, Luanne serves as a Creative Managing Director for the Retail + Mixed-Use Destinations studio. She has been with Nelson for 12 years working with world-class brands including, Hilton, Spotify, Lotte, Isaac Wiles, Great American Insurance, and Busch Gardens. She currently is leading design efforts on new projects and renovations with GGP, Macerich, DDR, Washington Prime Group, Cordish, and Simon Premium Outlets. Luanne has a special focus in Interior Architecture and is currently serving on a member of the Leadership Group for the Interior Architecture Knowledge Community for AIA.

As you prepare to Chair the AIA National Leadership Group tell us about your vision for 2019.
As a group, we have defined a goal of broadening our outreach to members of the community. This is expanding beyond our programs at the Convention, increasing awareness and content on our webpage on Knowledge net. We also want to create new vehicles of seminars and meetings for our members to meet and interact with each other. This Knowledge Community has a depth in its membership within the AIA which we see as an opportunity to create new interactions within the group. Our first step this year is to communicate with the members to better understand what they want.

How would you define the mission and what can members do to support these goals?
Our mission as the Interior Architecture Knowledge Community is to advance the practice of Interior Architecture by providing our with resources to elevate their professional practice and design excellence. We value input from members of the Community. Everyone is encouraged to connect via our website or social media sites.

We understand ‘Transformative Design’ has been identified as next year’s theme. Tell us what that means and how it expands upon 2018’s theme of ‘The Human Experience’.
Transformative Design really speaks to our profession as architects and how we create the “Human Experience” when we put people first. As Interior Architects we work with an interdisciplinary process that integrates physical elements with human experience to create change in the social fabric of spaces for our clients and the people who use them.

The roundtable discussion received favorable reviews at the New York City conference last June. What made this event so successful?
The 2018 Forum set up four topics that applied to the diversity of practices in our membership. What really worked well being able to create smaller groups for on these focused topics. It created an environment for great discussions and let members have a voice.

What’s does the have in the works for this year’s AIA Conference to be held in Las Vegas June 6th thru 8th?
The will host a discussion again this year on the AIA Honor Awards for Interior Architecture. We want to look at winners through the lens of “Transformative Design” and highlight how the winning projects foster a sustainable social change through great design. We also will have our Forum at the Convention, building on the format of discussion topics from last year’s forum.

What do you see as challenges and opportunities within the Architectural community? Within this context, what is the role of ?
Understanding how our Practice as Interior Architects keep shifting is challenging and exciting. Our ideas and concepts of Interiors have changed significantly over the past 20+ years. Our challenge is to understand new trends or technology and access new resources that keep our members relevant and leaders of the future.

Tell us aspects you find most rewarding about serving on the Leadership Group.
The connections with other members of the Leadership Group has been truly inspiring. My understanding of AIA as an organization has also expanded in the discussions at KLA and connections there with other Knowledge Communities.

In conjunction with this year’s theme, tell us about an architectural experience which left you transformed.
I had the opportunity to visit Atelier des Lumieres in Paris earlier in the year. The transformation of the warehouse space into an immersive experience was truly inspiring. The seamless integration of the technology and the simplicity of the space merge to create an “” experience when you enter the space. There was also a nice fluidity to the entry spaces and gift shop that tied the entire experience together.

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