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The AIA Corporate Architects and Facility Management (CAFM) Knowledge Community consist of architects working within and for businesses and corporations. Our mission is to share expertise in the strategic, tactical, and operational activities of real property and facilities management in order to deliver value to the owners we represent. 

2019 CAFM Letter from the Chair

By Scott J. Compton AIA posted 02-11-2019 12:38 PM


Facilities Leaders,

In 2019, the Corporate Architects and Facilities Managers (CAFM) Advisory Group is looking forward to your participation in our upcoming membership survey. We want to gather your thoughts and feedback as we begin to adapt the direction of the CAFM Advisory Group to focus on topics that are most relevant to the wide interests of the 6,000+ members of this Knowledge Community.

We also want to hear your stories. For many architects in the facilities world, the journeys from architecture school to your positions in corporations, higher education, or government are as varied as the roles you play in your current positions. Those in-house in organizations manage facilities, plan expansion, maintain corporate standards, and refine the built environment as an extension of the company's brand. And many of our members work is outside the organizations, serving as consultants or vendors who advise the facility managers on current trends and approaches to support the mission of the organizations. Collectively, we all share a common vision of good stewardship in maintaining and improving the facilities to meet the mission of the organization. Likewise, we all rely on similar software platforms, vendor selections and best-practice methodologies to stay up to date with the rigors of our practices.

Whatever your story is, the CAFM Advisory Group is looking to work with you to develop timely content, product offerings, and training opportunities through our website and at future AIA Conferences on Architecture. Look for us this year as we host our Workshop program, WE106 - Buildings Security Design: Strategies for Creating Effective and Safe Environments, on Wednesday, June 5th in Las Vegas during A'19. Visit the AIA Conference on Architecture page for the full workshop description.



Scott J. Compton, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
2019 Chair, CAFM Advisory Group

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