7 Interior Design Trends That Will Have A Comeback In 2019

By Miles Wiseman posted 05-21-2019 11:16


Interior design trends for 2019 will borrow a bit from the past years but major on the use of natural materials that promote sustainability. Color and patterns will be at the heart of things when deciding on the theme to use. Overall, the goal is not to go for over-the-top décor for your home but to work with classic designs that have a lasting impact. Below are some of the top interior design options that will be trending for spring and summer of 2019.


  1. 70s Swing

It is characterized by a bright color palette and a pared-back feel. With going for the ‘Straight from the 70s’ look, Debbie Drake, the head of Design at Dunelm suggests going for natural materials with geometric prints and working with an earthy color palette. When opting to use Macrame planter, which are common elements in the 70s décor theme, you can complement these with accent hues and inject some creative lighting. Remember not to overdo things so that the décor does not look cluttered – less is more.


  1. Recycled kitchen

As mentioned earlier on, sustainability will be a primary objective this year. Product Developer at IKEA, Anna Granath, put this into perspective by explaining what the company is focusing on in its production processes. She says that IKEA is keen on making a significant environmental impact by generating large quantities of their products using recycled materials. She says that IKEA is keen on increasing the number of recycled materials used in the manufacturing processes to ensure that all the products are not only eco-friendly but also sustainable. Some of the décor material from IKEA under this production philosophy include foam, plastic, paper, and fiber. 

So, if you are thinking of a unique décor upgrade for your kitchen, you can opt to work with recycled wood and enhance by spreading a plastic foil cover made from recycled PET bottles. Throw in a few potted plants, and use colorful drapes on the windows to create warmth.


  1. Beautiful Textures

Working with textures is more of a tactical approach since not all elements will be textured enough to create the desired effect. French Connection has upped its game by launching a bedding range that answers this while also adhering to the use of natural materials. The overall objective is to achieve a feeling of slow living, something that makes the home feel cozy. So, use different textures, teaming them with tactile cushions and throws. 

The slow living trend is the basis of Homeware’s Spring 19 collection, as Catharine Denham explains. The pieces will showcase the best of inspired artisan craft with designs curated in natural substrates and are hand-finished. Weave is one of the primary elements in the Spring 2019 collection, where it is seen in the bedding, furniture, upholstering, and various decorative items.


  1. Mix & Match Pattern

You will have to take your foot off the minimalism pedal this year and allow patterns to echo.  In this case, the designs will be a mix of styles without robbing your theme of its color palette. You may be surprised to discover that you will maintain the same level of softness with very little standing out, but that is the overall objective; to achieve a balanced visual presentation using a mix of styles. For instance, you can opt to use plain furniture or interior doors which can be a blank canvas for you to get creative using patterned cushions, painting patterns and decoration. 

Using patterns can be daunting if you have no clue of what to look for let along where to start. But you can try a simple approach such as throwing a rug on the floor patterned in subtle tones. The print will make a color statement and add some character to the décor setting of the room.


  1. Mustard

Mustard hues are almost and decorative standard in homes during the warmer months of the year. This summer, change it up a bit but adding a refreshing burst of bold colors into the living spaces. Work with large pieces of furniture and décor items, as Malanie Archer, a designer at John Lewis & partners suggests. Mustard is a fantastic and versatile color. It is a shade that pairs wonderfully with indigo blue, crisp white, millennial pink, and teal.


  1. Mid-Century

The mid-century décor did have some understated simplicity as characterized by sleeked lines and tapered tones. That is probably why vintage décor pieces never miss a place in the modern home setting. However, getting it right when doing the mid-century design is a matter subject to have a select color palette and allowing shapes to do the talking.


  1. Homespun Style Ceramics

Summer 2019, expect organic style ceramics with subtle patterns to be trendy. The joy of having the warming sum that allows colors to bloom on the earth should be a source of inspiration as you work with embossed jugs and vases, among other things. It is all about colors and patterns as you pick décor items with artisanal elements.