4 Things that turn any home into a Smart Home

By Miles Wiseman posted 09-14-2018 19:21


If you feel that the times is now right to transform your house or apartment into a Smart home, you probably should read the rest of this short article. Smart homes are still a fairly new concept and it takes more than a few gadgets here and there to make yours qualify for this rather swish label. So if you have a few minutes to read on, we’ll do our best to offer 4 great suggestions that may just do the trick.  


Amazon Echo

No Smart home would be complete without this ultra-cool gadget. Amazon echo is essentially a hands-free speaker that can add some serious value to your downtime at home. It can play all of your music just from listening to your voice. So long as you have access to Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio or a host of other digital music databases, you will be good to go. Amazon echo can also answer any random question that you may have on your mind and it is excellent when it comes to calling or messaging your buddies and family when your hands are literally tied. It also has the capability of controlling your compatible connected devices and these include lights, heating and even your garden sprinkler!


Nest is a brand that is perfect for any Smart home. The brand is all about connecting your devices in a way that allows you to operate them wherever you are in the world. So long as they have the ‘Works with Nest Logo’ you will be able to control them with this awesome system. These include other brands such as Wemo switches and Philips Hue and so many more. Of course, Nest also has plenty pf its own cool products that include cameras, video doorbell, Smoke and CO alarm as well as Nest Aware.

Digital Photo Frames

These ingenious devices are already taking the world by storm and allow us to display pretty much any photo or piece of artwork in our home for next to nothing. The Digital canvas that these frames surround, can be made up of family photos, your favourite painting or even a selection of diagrams that you enjoy looking at. They really do help a Smart home look even better and the fact that you can display stunning works of art at a fraction of the cost is just one of the myriad of reasons why digital photo frames are so very popular today.


These are very slick video doorbells that any Smart home worth its salt should have installed. Offering excellent security with effortless ease, their slogan ‘Home Security Begins at the Front Door’ really does make perfect sense. These combine with security cameras and comes in all shapes and sizes. Why compromise the security of your home and the safety of your family? By installing the right Ring device for your home, you have all bases covered and will be able to check out your property from wherever you are in the world.

So, if a Smart home is something very dear to your heart, please think about these 4 very slick device suggestions and soon it will become a reality.