Why You Should Plant A Large Hedge Around Your Garden

By Miles Wiseman posted 03-13-2018 14:34



Do you plan on doing any landscaping in the next few years? If so, I’d strongly consider planting a large hedge around the sides of your garden. They might not be too fashionable today, but at one point you could find them everywhere you looked.

You shouldn’t be worried about the total cost. It will be relatively inexpensive to carry out, plus you could actually save money. Before you start choosing the kind you want to grow, we’ll look over the main positives right now.

1. Your Home Will Be Protected From Cars

If you read the newspapers every now and again you’ll see some surprising stories. For example, sometimes cars lose control and smash into houses. A spokesperson for the Trumbull Insurance company says it’s common.

I’m sure you would be fully compensated if something went wrong, but a family member could get hurt. This applies to anyone playing in the garden too. If you have a big hedge it will stop cars from getting inside.

2. Strong Winds Won’t Be Able To Get In

During the coldest months of the year you’ll still want to spend time in your garden. Maybe you’ll be growing delicious vegetables. You should be able to use your outdoor seating area when it’s not boiling.

You’ll feel really uncomfortable if strong winds are blowing into your garden, but stop them and the temperature will normally be bearable. Sadly, this will stop you from cooling down when it’s very hot.

3. It’s Absolutely Crucial For Privacy

Will you be walking around in the nude during summer? I don’t think it’s going to happen, but you still want your privacy. It’s hard to spend time in the garden when everyone walking past can see you.

Strangers will even be able to see into your home at night if you forget to close your curtains. You will be like an animal at the zoo. Even if you feel like you’re inside a cage when you plant a hedge at least you’ll have privacy.

4. The Value Of Your Home Will Go Up

Every time you do something special to your home the value will go up. If you look at the things we’ve spoken about so far I think it qualifies. At the very least you’ll recoup the money you spend on the hedges.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not interested in selling your home at this moment in time. It’s not like the hedges will get up and walk away. They will be there when you are ready to put it up for sale.

5. Burglars Should Stay Away From You

You can’t guarantee anything when you’re dealing with burglars, but they should stay away from you. The average person trying to break into your home will want to try getting inside when nobody is there.

They won’t be able to guarantee you’re not at home if a hedge is blocking their view. Even through they are criminals they’re not silly. It’s easier for them to target a house they know is definitely empty.

The Positives Are Far Too Good To Ignore

A few of the things we’ve spoken about today are extremely important, plus the rest are great added bonuses. There is no reason why you shouldn’t plant a hedge around your garden unless it’s not allowed where you live.