Building Performance KC mission and goals

By Joseph J. Deringer AIA posted 07-15-2020 17:13



The mission of the Building Performance Knowledge Community (BPKC) is to increase building performance related to occupant comfort and health, and to the function, durability, sustainability, and resilience of buildings.


This Mission will be accomplished by increasing dissemination of knowledge and resources and increasing engagement of all stakeholders in the design and construction community with an emphasis on integration of building systems and a special focus on the Exterior Building Enclosure. The issues to address specifically include:
  • building planning
  • building planning
  • establishing performance criteria
  • integrated design
  • analytic process
  • building enclosure design
  • the building sciences
  • building environmental controls
  • adaptive reuse
  • procurement process
  • construction
  • validation
  • operations

Action plans

The attainment of these Goals in support of the Mission Statement will be advanced by development of an action plan for each goal. The action plans will be developed using guidelines to be developed by the BPKC. These guidelines will be structured to provide a means for individual working groups to offer information in a consistent and structured format to facilitate a consistent approach to development and presentation of information be provided.