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The Committee on Design (COD) was founded to promote design excellence among members of the AIA, the broader design community, and the public at large, both nationally and internationally.

2024 COD Conferences


April 3-7 | 21c Hotel | Bentonville and Eureka Springs.

Connecting Cultures, Catalyzing Change: Northwest Arkansas in the Ozarks. View and download the conference materials: program guidebook, key takeaways and and video.


Thu, Oct 17 - Sat, Oct 26, 2024
Sao Paulo > Brasilia > Rio de Janerio.  Registration will open in early May.

2024 Sponsorships

Download the prospectus for Arkansas and Brazil opportunities.

Conference and Leadership History

By Johanna Roche posted 05-15-2019 03:49 PM


Jean-Paul Carlhian, FAIA

February: New York City

National Design Issue: Grand Central Terminal

March:Washington, DC

Co-meeting with Urban Design Committee


Ralph P. Youngran, FAIA

January: Washington DC

Historical Savannah Controversy: Program of Social Responsibility and Relevance

May: Chicago

National Design Issue: Illinois Central Air Rights

June: Boston

AIA Headquarters Building

October: Washington, DC

Nominations for Critics Medal/25-Year Award


Henry N. Cobb, FAIA

March: Washington, DC

Design Review Boards Nominations

June: New York City

"The New Zoning": Design Review

December: New York City

Design Through Zoning


Ulrich Franzen, FAIA

May: Washington, DC

The Design Review Boards: Handbook for Committees

October: Washington, DC

New Communities: Subcommittee


Hugh Newell Jacobsen, FAIA

New York City:

Low Income Housing in the City


Harry C. Wolf, FAIA

Binghamton, NY

Broader City-wide Issues Examined


James Ingo Freed, FAIA


Stanley Tigerman, FAIA

October: Chicago

Education of Design


George E. Hartman, FAIA

February: Washington, DC

School Visitations, Design Education

Jury Selection and Awards Programs

May: Indianapolis/Columbus

Ewing Miller: Speaker

Institute Affairs Competitions

July: Durango

Responsibility v. Liability

October: Washington DC

Design Conference: Study Tour of East Wing


William Newton Morgan, FAIA

February: Washington, DC

Component Design Awards: Dulles Airport

July: Racine, Wisconsin

Building Racine: A Celebration of the Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright

October: Washington, DC

A Celebration of Design: National Conference


Thomas R. Vreeland, FAIA

May: Chicago

Design Conference

June: Kansas City

First official COD appearance at AIA Convention to present Honor Awards Program

July: Vancouver

Visit with Arthur Erickson

November: New Orleans

Visit with Charles Moore


Roger H. Clark, FAIA

January: Washington, DC

AIA Organization and Role of COD

March: Washington, DC

Development of Pennsylvania Avenue

September: San Francisco

Design Conference: Architecture and Ornament reconsidered


Thomas S. Marvel, FAIA

March: Washington, DC

A Symposium on Architectural Design Competitions

May: Minneapolis

Artist/Architect Collaboration

November: Denver

Design Conference: 'Designing for Energy'


James L. Nagle, FAIA

March: New York City

Artist/Architect: Humanism Rediscovered

Institute Honors Nominations subcommittee established

Handbook of Architectural Design published

May: Washington, DC

Award nominations

October: Cambridge

Architecture Education


John Morris Dixon, FAIA

January: Washington, DC

Honors Awards Program + Jurors, Federal Design Excellence

July: Portland

Design conference: Turning Points: Pursuing Design Excellence in a world of Change


Peter Q. Bohlin, FAIA

January: Washington, DC

Seminar on Design/Build Competitions

July: Cranbrook

Award Task Group

August: San Diego

Design Conference: Five Buildings in Four Tenses: How Architecture Speaks to its Public

November: Washington, DC

Steering Committee


John L. Field, FAIA

March: Washington DC

Steering Committee

June: San Francisco

Meeting with Urban Design Committee: Legislating Urban Form

September: Venice, Italy

The Architecture Continuum and the Balance Between: Preservation and Contemporary Architecture

November: Washington, DC

Steering Committee


Mark Simon, FAIA

April: Washington, DC

Washington Interiors

June: San Antonio

Meet the Press: American Architectural Journalism/Criticism and Critical Independence

November: Miami

'No Earthtones'


B. Mack Scogin, Jr., AIA

April: Chicago

Detail in Chicago/Chicago in Detail

July: Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde: The Land and its People

October: Natchez



Glenn Garrison, AIA

January: Washington, DC

Steering Committee

April: Annapolis

18th-Century American Architecture

July: St. Louis

19th Century American Architecture

November: Los Angeles

20th-Century American Architecture


Boone Powell, FAIA

April: Washington, DC

Synthesis Architecture: Craftsmanship and Design

June: Minneapolis

Synthesis Architecture: Craftsmanship and Design

September: Helsinki, Finland

International Design Conference: Finland as a Case Study


Harold Roth, FAIA

April: New Harmony

New Harmony: Utopian Communities

June: Savannah

Savannah: Streets and Squares

October: Boston

Boston: Urban Waterfronts


John M. Syvertsen, FAIA

April: Charlottesville

New Directions in Design Education

June: Vancouver

Architecture in the Environment

October: Philadelphia

Louis I. Kahn and the Philadelphia School: The Genesis of American Contemporary Architecture


Richard S. Bundy, FAIA

April: Big Sky

Genuine Regionalism

July: Castine

Genuine Regionalism

November: Japan

Genuine Regionalism


Margaret I. McCurry, FAIA

March: Berkeley

Building Boundaries and Edges: A Bay Area Tradition

June: Chicago

Explorations in Design Theory and Practice: Manufactured Housing

October: New York

Inside New York


Charles Dagit, Jr., FAIA

April, Santa Fe

The Search for the American Place

June, Charleston

The Search for the American Place

October, Princeton

The Search for the American Place


Steven M. Goldberg, FAIA

April: Dallas/Ft. Worth

Urban Transformations

July: Barcelona

Urban Transformations



Urban Transformations


Barton Phelps, FAIA

March: Memphis

Landscape, Myth, and Regional Change

May: Minneapolis

Three Reaches Up-river

October: New Orleans

The Possibility of Planning


Joseph Valerio, FAIA

March: Phoenix

Defining Civitas: The New Public Architecture of Phoenix

June: Tulsa

News from the Edge: Frontiers of Design in Oklahoma

November: Mexico City

The Emergent New World City


Raymond L. Gindroz, FAIA

February: Florida

Cross Sections I

June: Paris

Cross Sections II

October: Washington DC

Cross Sections III


Frances Halsband, FAIA

April: Cincinnati

Collaborations: Local and Long Distance

October: Los Angeles

Collaborations: Visions Become Reality


Henry “Dusty” Reeder, FAIA

April: Baltimore

The City at the Edge: Water, Architecture and the Millennium

July: Seattle

The City at the Edge: Water, Architecture and the Millennium


Wendy Evans Joseph, FAIA

April: Rome and Verona, Italy

Modern Currents Along the Tiber

October: Nebraska

Architecture in the Heartland


Robert Frasca, FAIA

April: Las Vegas

Interventions and Reinventions

September: Montreal

A City of Contrasts


Kent L. Hubbell


Windom Kimsey, FAIA

Spring: La Jolla

Fall: Amsterdam

Design Ideas Competition: The New Home on the Range


Ronnette Riley, FAIA

Spring: Design Healdsburg, The Sea Ranch, and Napa

Where Place Takes the Lead

Fall: Prague

The Architecture of Transition

Design Ideas Competition: Center for Czech Architecture


David Brems, FAIA

Spring: Washington, DC, and Shepherdstown, WV

The Architecture of Sustainability

Fall: Hong Kong and Shanghai

Pacific Crossings

Design Ideas Competition: A House for an Ecologist


Michael Ross, FAIA

Spring: Miami, FL

The Rejuvenation of American Cities on the Water

Fall: Minneapolis, MN

The Rejuvenation of American Cities on the Water

Design Ideas Competition: Fountain of Use


Carol Rusche Bentel, FAIA

Spring: Detroit, MI

Design Parallels

Fall: Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish Modern: Then and Now

Design Ideas Competition: Branding the American House


Louis R. Pounders, FAIA

Spring: Boston, MA

Roots of Modernism

Fall: Berlin, Germany (canceled by AIA)

Design Ideas Competition: Listening to the Past, Looking to the Future: A House for Today


Thomas Howorth, FAIA

Fall: Houston, TX

The Perils of Planning...or not

Design Ideas Competition: Temporary / Permanent Relief Housing


Anne Schopf, FAIA

Spring: Seattle, WA

FutureCRAFT: Modern Views in the Pacific Northwest

Fall: Tokyo and Japan

Crafting the Future

Design Ideas Competition: Universal Design


Mike Mense, FAIA

Spring: Columbus, IN

Searching for Definitions of Architectural Design Excellence in a Measuring World

Fall: Seville and Morocco, Spain


Marlene Imirzian, FAIA

Spring: Palm Springs, CA

Regionalism and Relevance: Modern Architecture in Palm Springs

Fall: Berlin, Dessau, Potsdam


Steven Alspaugh, AIA

Spring: New York City

Big Cities | Big Ideas

Fall: London


Jim Childress, FAIA

Spring: Norway - Locally Grown

Fall: Providence, RI - Locally Grown



Phillip Laird, FAIA

Spring:  Havana, Cuba

Fall:  Portland, OR



James C. Lord, II, AIA

Spring:  Austin, TX

Fall:  St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia


George H. Miller, FAIA

Spring: Vancouver, BC Canada - Guidebook

Fall: Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile - Guidebook


David B. Greenbaum, FAIA

Spring: San Francisco, CA: The Innovators and Maintainers

Fall: Switzerland: The Innovators and Maintainers


Curt Fentress, FAIA

Spring: Denver (rescheduled to 2021)

Fall: Singapore and Bali (rescheduled 2021)


Curt Fentress, FAIA

Spring: Denver (canceled due to Covid-19)

Fall: Singapore and Bali (canceled due to Covid-19)


Takashi Yanai, FAIA

Fall: Los Angeles, CA - The Art of Habitation


Paul Mankins, FAIA

Spring:  New Orleans - The Authenticity of Place

Fall: Minneapolis/St. Paul - The Authenticity of Place


Susan Chin, FAIA

Spring: NW Arkansas - Connecting Cultures, Catalyzing Change: NW Arkansas in the Ozarks

Fall: Brazil - coming this fall