Exciting Bedroom Design Trends for Summer 2017

By Henric Lindholm posted 03-19-2017 17:07


Summer is yet another season of the year that inspires home designs. This is more so of bedroom designs. Summer being the warmest time of the year attracts designs that make the bedroom comfortable and appealing in the midst of the higher temperatures. These designs are inspired by innovations aimed at making the room a superb place to spend your sleep time. Many home owners cherish staying in vogue with the current trends in bedroom designs. Thanks to modern technology and social media, design ideas are spreading fast across the globe. So, what are the emerging trends for summer 2017?



Expect a number of changes on this aspect of the bedroom. Terracotta tiles will push out the popular white ones especially on the bathrooms and fire places. The idea here might be to avoid terracotta tiles that are more rustic. Instead keep the ones with a nice matte finish to add warmth and character to the interior of your bedroom. Cork is also set to make a comeback cladding entire walls as bedroom side tables and solid cork stools.


Bedside tables constitute a vital piece of furniture in the room. Instead of the traditional bedside table, summer 2017 promises a mash-up approach to your bedside styling. This will be all about mixing up. If you have a pair of tables, make use of mismatched lamps or vice versa. Mix timber and marble. Lamps are to be juxtaposed between the traditional and the trendy. Lights are coming in the form of cockatoos, monkeys, greyhounds and poodles to liven things up in the bedroom

Wall decorations

The first aspect of wall decoration is the color. Hues of green are becoming quite popular. They give the room a warm and calm feel that is very ideal for summer nights. Family photos that had vanished from the bedroom walls are now trending once again. Bedroom posters based on various natural themes will don bedroom walls this summer.


These are arguably the most important components of your bedroom. If you had forgotten about bedheads, you would rather refresh your memory. The bedhead is on its way back this summer. It will give the room an eye-catching focal point. You can try leather bedheads that can comfortably slot behind any ensemble and turn your bed the star in the room. Of course, an excellent mattress that will help you deal with the higher temperatures is a must.

Bedroom paraphernalia

Styling your bedroom goes a notch higher this season. Flowering orchids, potted plants and retro-style ferns are replacing the usual vases of cut flowers. Adding a scented candle, a good novel, piles of tomes and a beautiful, silk eye mask by the bed makes your bedroom a perfect location for a lazy and stylish summer 2017.

As said on the onset, trends are changing fast. The above highlights reflect the current insights on what the trends for bedroom design in 2017 are. With these tips you will get it wrong this summer. Keep yourself updated and give your sleep-experience with the most current trends sweeping across this summer.