Types Of Native Plants For Your Garden

By Haris Saeed posted 11-30-2019 01:33


Native plants does contribute in saving the green canopies and it's beautiful creatures, but before you (literally) digging in, here's how you can plan the layout of your native garden. 

We can show our love to the planet earth and its species in preserving their habitat by growing native plants. This way you’ll make your space more homely for butterflies and other pollinators like bees, birds, and garden-beetles. By trying to grow more native plants like- canopy and understory trees, shrubs, perennial and groundcover-we can help other marvellous creatures of nature to survive. One should also consider removing the invasive plants that destroys the native habitat. In this section, we will discuss different types of native plants for your garden. 

The ‘Giant Candles’ of Banksia 

Among the 170 varieties of species of the banksia plant family, the Giant Candles of Banksia are the tall shrubs that can help in embellishing the garden. They grow up to 5-metre and have large flower heads and are adaptable to various soil types. Autumn and spring yield the highest flowers to the plant when fed with low phosphorus fertilizers. 

Eremophila maculata

The figwort family plant, also known as spotted emu bush, produces beautiful red/purple flowers with white spots. This plant is low in maintenance, drought-tolerant and needs just a ray of direct sunshine to bloom at its best. 

Brachyscome Break O' day

This significance of this traditional daisies has not fainted since origin. You can utterly plant these purple flower plant anywhere, anytime, and it will not let you be upset. The over-the-year flowering plant requires loads of sunlight and good drainage.

Kangaroo paw

This bird-attracting flower is one of the two species of the Haemodoraceae family. They don't grow large and can be planted in pots. The plant is borne red or yellow flowers and needs a temperate climate to thrive.


The Myrtaceae family plant is endemic to Australia and widely cultivated in many areas of the country. The 3-4 meters tall shrubs borne flowers with bright red spikes in the spring, as well as summer. It is adaptable throughout the year, in all conditions. 


The small class of the leguminous vines of the pea family, make your garden attractive by purple flowers and are also borne in white, pink and mauve shades. The happy wanderers need only a bit of water with a tint of shadow to decorate the fence, walls or doors of the house.

Grevillea ‘Moonlight’

It is a widely grown plant that borne lovely ivory-coloured flowers. The upright shrub requires a big space, good sunlight, and proper drainage for its growth. Feed it with a low phosphorus native plant fertilizer in spring and allow it to beautify the garden with its flowers.

Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’

The red-coloured clustered flower plant is cultivated widely in Australia. The small to medium-sized evergreen bushy shrub owns long-lasting flowers attractive foliage of the light green coloured divided leaves. The adaptable plant is well suited to subtropical and mild climates, also stands moderate frosts and is suitable for growing in most of the soils.  A low phosphorous native plant fertilizer in spring will help it grow better.

Lomandra ‘Tanika’

The reliable tall grass-like native plant gives a beautiful landscape to the garden. You need to opt for less of
Casey garden services for this up to-70 cm tall plant, as it is low in maintenance. The widely planted plant produces sweetly perfumed flowers in spring and adapts well to various soils, climates and light levels. 

Scaevola aemula-Purple Fanfare

These are sprawling groundcover plant with fan-shaped flowers that blossoms almost all-over the year. This plant covers the ground up to a metre and is adaptable to most of the parts in Australia, but doesn't cultivate in frost. The purple-coloured flower plant bears large flowers along each stem. It needs plenty of sunlight and a handful of fertilizers at the beginning of spring for its proper growth.

Syzygium ‘Cascade’

The medium-sized shrub is a beautiful shrub with lustrous green leaves with attractive new growth of red and pink. Amongst the beautiful leaves, pops out the powder puff pink Lilly pilly flowers, thus enhancing the beauty of your garden. A ray of fuller sunshine or half in the shade, the plant will get accustomed in both situations and will need a few fertilizers in the summers.

Take home message

As you add native plants to your garden be mindful to choose plants that both play a positive ecological role and help preserve genetic diversity. For all your native gardening needs, you can definitely call gardening services in Pakenham. They are leading experts in the field of gardening services and helps in maintenance and growth. It is rightfully said, “Setting a garden is not a tough task but maintaining one is”.