The Relationship Windows Have With Your Home

By Haris Saeed posted 10-12-2019 13:30


We tend to take a lot of things for granted, and most of the time we do not bother trying the understand the relationship two things might have with each other, or just how important one thing we are so used to seeing might be. In this case, we are talking about the windows in our house. The only time we pay any attention to our windows is when we are buying them for the first time, or when they stop working. The rest of the time period in-between is spent ignoring them.


Contrary to what a lot of people might think, windows are actually a really important part of the house or any kind of living space. Our windows are responsible for filtering natural light into the house, and if you happen to opt for windows with tints or UV filters, then it allows for sunlight to enter your house, but at the same time, at an intensity that is not harmful or at risk of causing sun damage to the interior of your house. Apart from lighting the house with natural lighting, it also helps in ventilation to an extent and makes a house actually look welcoming and cheerful. Now, if you have had the same windows for a long time, or feel like your windows are not doing their job properly, then you can opt for energy efficient window replacement in Arvada as a solution.

Like we mentioned above, windows do tend to play a role in ventilation and regulating temperature, so they are supposed to work together with and complement our HVAC system, however, your windows can at times also end up working against your HVAC system, and this results in your HVAC system having to use more energy and power in order to keep the temperature inside your house maintained, and this is what leads to really high utility bills for you. So, if you have been noticing a spike in your electrical utility bill even though there has been no change in your normal electricity use, then your windows are the most obvious cause of the problem.

If a window is not able to close all the way or has other problems that are causing inside and outside air to keep mixing, then you have a ventilation issue. If outside hot/cold air keeping coming inside your house through your windows, it ends up disrupting the balance that is set by your HVAC system, and your system will detect this inconsistency and will continue to overwork itself and use more power in order to keep a stable and desirable temperature maintained inside your home. So, this is how your windows can end up causing you problems if you are not careful. If you happen to have old windows or are doubting your window’s ability to do its job, you can call in experts and have them inspect the state of your windows, and then let you know whether or not they feel like your windows need to be replaced. If they have determined that you should opt for a window replacement job, then you need to make sure that the next windows you buy are actually energy efficient because energy-efficient windows will do a better job in preventing inside and outside air from circulating and leaving your house. This ends up with your HVAC system not having to put in as much effort, and saving you a lot of money with your utility bills.

Of course, even after you get your windows replaced with new energy-efficient windows, you want to make sure that you take proper care of these windows as well or else they will end up going bad again quickly and you will spend a lot of money for no reason. Taking care of your windows involve a number of things like actually cleaning your windows, and this includes both the glass and the pane, taking extra care to lubricate the joints and/or hinges of your window in order to ensure that they keep opening and closing smoothly and so on. Other things you can do is to apply to protective sealants on the wooden panes of your window so that it does not get affected by water damage during storm season or just due to general water exposure and moisture in the air. Inspecting your windows for any damage after a rainstorm, snow or hailstorm is also an important part of maintenance because any damage that is sustained on the windows due to these things that go undetected will only end up continuing to grow and the becoming a bigger problem over time. If you cannot be bothered to maintain your windows, then you can always call in professionals to come inspect and then clean your windows for you.

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