Common Mistakes Students Do in College Essays

By Haris Saeed posted 07-14-2019 00:47


In a student life, its writing is one of the crucial parts which can’t be skipped anyhow. There are different phases when you need to write an essay for your project or any competition. But in all those scenarios, students make a few common mistakes. And these mistakes degrade their final results whether it’s about their academics or any competition. Many even consider buying a college essay to avoid such mistakes in writing a content/essay. Below is the list of mistake that students should know while writing any sort of essay.

Use of Inappropriate Tense: While writing an essay, students continue writing in one tense that changes the expressions that you want to express in your essay. This is the most common mistake that most of the students make while writing. And mostly they consider using the past tense which they think can work to deliver stats and old references. This doesn’t mean you start using present and future tense. You should maintain a balance between all of them that better define their content.

No proper Formatting: Formatting is more like the garnish to your content which helps your content to better connect your content with the audience. Formatting includes proper use of bullet points, subheadings, preface and conclusion. This makes a well-formatted content that building content connection between your essay and the reader. The formatting must be done after you are done with writing a piece of content and is in the final stage of its submission.

Using Too many Quotes: Quotes add weightage to your content. Adding quotes to a limit is acceptable but this doesn’t recommend flooding your entire content with too many quotations. You should always add quotes only to prove your statement or to add extra weight to your content. The relevancy of your quotations/statements is also important which better relate them with the content.

Wrong Topic Selection: The most problematic scene occurs when you start with the topic you are not familiar with, or you ware writing it unwillingly. The major problem occurs when you are writing an essay for your project submission. The situation gets worse when you are looking for good marks. Before you start writing, make sure you are well familiar with the topic and has done detailed research.

Writing it Too Offensive Way: Writing should have a blend of pros and cons of every topic you select for the essay. But generally, newbie students continue using the same tone that goes negative for the selected topic. Your entire writing process must be an unbiased conclusion that gives a better vision of the essay topic.

So, if you are unable to write the right piece of content for the essay it’s better to get it done with the third party services which can help you write your essay in the right way. This way you will be able to deliver your essay in time without making any such mistakes. What more mistakes do you think students make while writing essays?