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The Construction Contract Administration Knowledge Community (CCA) has been established to help our members better understand the issues, actions and resultant impact of the decisions required in this often neglected part of Project Delivery. It is our goal to provide clear answers to issues of concern to the Institute’s membership and share case studies and best practices. We further hope to provide guidance and direction in developing guidelines for new and evolving approaches to Project Delivery as well as guidance in the continuing education of our emerging young professionals.


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CCA-related content at AIA24

By Emma Tucker posted 22 days ago


If you are coming to the AIA Conference on Architecture & Design (AIA24) this year (June 5-8 in Washington, DC), there is an official CCA workshop plus many more great sessions to consider! 


CCA events

Wednesday: Architects in Work Boots

WE104  |  9:30am-12pm  |  2.5 LUs

Do you know how to lead a project through construction contract administration? To have a successful project, you need an understanding of how this phase is managed. This workshop will provide strategic management insights and will present case studies to empower you to chart your career path.

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Wednesday: Strategies to Mitigate CA Liability for Small Firms

WE201  |  11am-12pm  |  1 LU

For a smaller architecture firm, a project in construction can bring major liability. Often clients don't want to pay for oversight during this phase of design. When they do, how much do we as architects need to engage? And how, as a small firm, do you elevate the emerging professionals in your offices to lead during this phase? Through rigorous discussion and case studies from the Small Firm Exchange, this session will provide you with essential information on best practices to protect your firm.

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Other sessions of interest


Tour: National WWI Memorial: Gender-Inclusive Construction Administration Process
ET108  |  9:15-11am  |  1.5 LUs  |  $70

Despite advances toward gender equality, construction administration and the construction environment remain male dominated. This tour and conversation between female-identifying professionals within the landscape architecture and the construction industry will examine their experience collaborating on a notable and award-winning case study: The National World War I Memorial.

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How the Smart Building/Digital Twin Era Influences Design and Construction
WE109  |  9:30-10:30am  |  1 LU

In a time of rapid technological progress, understanding and leveraging innovations is crucial. Navigate the groundbreaking intersection of smart buildings and digital twins in this interactive session as you explore the depth of opportunities these technologies present in design and construction. In this session, you'll learn about the seamless integration of digital twin technology and how to harness real-time data benefits. Elevate your architectural practice—ensuring it's aligned with modern demands and sustainability needs—and step into the future of the AEC industry with confidence and innovation.

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Learning a better way to apply AI to building codes

WE407  |  3:30-4pm  |  .5 LU

To address the problems often encountered when using AI for code content, the International Code Council (ICC) has taken many unique steps, including building an AI Navigator tool. This session will help you learn more about AI and how to effectively utilize it for improved outcomes. Explore how to use vetted questions and answers from ICC technical experts to build tools for self-evaluation as well as how to program AI to "know what it doesn't know." Plus, by investigating challenges associated with AI and building codes, you'll gain strategies to make AI an effective resource for code investigation.

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Specifications in the Age of AI
EX104  |  10:30-11:30am  |  1 LU

Some design professionals are cautious about AI, particularly with regard to specifications due to their contractual nature. However, organizations that embrace AI have the potential to enhance project efficiencies, enable specifiers to be even more productive, and provide a valuable tool to help emerging professionals and less-experienced project teams develop specifications. This session will offer practical insights and real-world examples illustrating how AI can assist professionals in developing more accurate specifications with ease.

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Building Beyond Today: Preparing Construction Leaders for Tomorrow's Economy
EX105  |  10:30-11:30am  |  1 LU

COVID-19's ripple effects continue to work their way through the global economy. It would be a mistake to think that 2024—or even the years immediately after—might return us to a pre-COVID economy. Financial market experts have virtually assured the construction industry that years of change still lay ahead. In this session, Michael Guckes, senior economist for ConstructConnect, will share how today's unprecedented financial markets conditions will shape—and shake—tomorrow's construction economy.

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Connecting the Dots in Low Carbon Construction
LL218  |  1-2pm  |  1 LU

The road to a carbon neutral future for the building sector is taking shape under different frameworks and methods including prescriptive and performance metrics for individual construction materials, whole building lifecycle assessment benchmarking and setting carbon reduction targets, among others. Whether mandatory or voluntary, project teams are setting advanced low carbon goals across their portfolios. With the evolving frameworks, and the interchange of responsibility throughout the design and construction process of a building, assuring that the project goals are tracked, reported, and achieved can appear to be challenging. This panel discussion will walk through the process through the lens of leading architects, consultants, and contractors, and identify strategies that can be applied to create scalable and feasible low carbon solutions.

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Architecture and the Law

TH214  |  4-5pm  |  1 LU

An architect is held legally liable for not uncovering an error in a surveyor's drawings. Another litigates—and loses—a dispute involving an owner's use of their drawings. This program will offer a deep look into laws that regulate and impact the practice of architecture—and help keep you from running afoul of them. Through an examination of court cases, laws, and contracts, the discussion will demystify legal issues that you may confront in your practice. You'll hear about seminal court cases and laws that have affected the practice of architecture and walk away with tips and guidance for how to best mitigate legal risk.

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Be a Laser-Scanning Hero: Introduction to Reality Capture
EX115  |  4-5pm  |  1 LU

Specifications relay intrinsic information to contractors about your design, and standards help keep your projects on track. To add further detail, why not specify and standardize your as-builts too? In this session, you'll learn about the standards and specifications used to ensure your as-built models and documentation are appropriate for your project. Be the hero of your next remodel by gaining a thorough understanding of the standards, methods, technology, and specifications for reality capture and building documentation.

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Project Delivery Open Forum: Future Forward
EV311  |  10-11:30am

What is your vision for the future of project delivery systems and how does it align with the forces at work? Traditional roles and relationships are transforming at an unprecedented pace in the ever-evolving design and construction industry—and project delivery systems are at the nexus of these transformations. In this critically important and timely forum, Project Delivery Knowledge Community leaders will engage you in an open discussion and invite your ideas for future programs and initiatives.

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Firestop Specifications: What Architects Need to Know
LL214b  |  12-1pm  |  1 LU/HSW

To be in accordance with the IBC and take the necessary steps to safeguard life and property, it is imperative that construction documents clearly outline the proposed work. Neglecting this important process can lead to severe liability, in addition to putting lives at risk. This session will equip you with the essential knowledge and resources to align with the code's intent. Emphasizing the significance of precise firestop specifications during the design phase, you'll explore strategies aimed at preventing expensive alterations, delays, and downstream liabilities.

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Navigating Sustainable Product Specification for the Built Environment
LL304  |  3-4pm  |  1 LU

Sustainability is quickly becoming a main pillar in all areas of the building sector. Architects and contractors are focused on specifying and procuring products that have low environmental impacts, use safe and non-hazardous ingredients, enable circular business practices, and contribute to a healthy and equitable society. Increasingly, individual firms are voluntarily implementing sustainable product requirements across their portfolios. To meet the demands, leading manufacturers are placing emphasis on product transparency and product optimization. As the demand increases, so does the complexity when it comes to the performance indicators and targets, and how the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) community is specifying building materials for sustainability. Learning from industry experts, this panel session will highlight the practical ways to identify, benchmark and track sustainable products and their key performance indicators.

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