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The Academy page supports AIAs efforts to connect education and practice. AIA works with faculty, staff and students; practitioners; and collateral organizations to support excellence in education and research, expand the pathway to the profession, and prepare future architects. AIA regularly pools resources with AIAS, ACSA, NCARB, NAAB, and others to provide scholarships, educational programming, research, resources, and more.

AIAS Scholarships Page

By Cooper Moore Assoc. AIA posted 12-16-2022 10:38 AM


One of my goals as the National President of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is to make architectural education accessible to everyone. One of the most consistently cited barriers of entry in our field is the cost of a degree. I’m personally struggling with the debt resulting from five years of college, not to mention the skyrocketing prices of model-making and the technological investments that are expected of this generation of architecture students. It is also a known fact that attitudes towards architecture and licensure are changing - younger generations are significantly less interested in a traditional career in architecture than those of the past. During my term as President, I hope to address this issue and ensure that our profession is attracting the bright young minds that it so sorely needs by providing scholarships for students pursuing a degree in architecture. 

In order to accomplish this goal, the AIAS has recently established a new online scholarships page. Link to page: Any scholarship, grant, or award for architecture students can be submitted to our database through the button on the webpage. 

The AIAS is committed to providing assistance, financial or otherwise, to students of architecture as they pursue their studies. Acknowledging that architecture degrees are among the least affordable in higher education, the AIAS is taking action to reduce the burden on students to help them succeed in their careers. Average tuition costs for schools of architecture can reach astronomical figures, even before other expenses like materials, softwares, and housing are factored in. We ask that you submit any scholarships that you are aware of to our database and help us grow our network of support for the next generation of architecture students. There are thousands of architecture students worldwide that look to the AIAS for support, and these scholarships are one of the best ways that we can provide them direct assistance. 

The AIAS is an independent, student-led nonprofit organization, and is the largest organization dedicated to providing resources, knowledge, and opportunities to students of architecture in the world. We host the world’s largest gathering of architecture and design students through our annual FORUM conference, and produce the longest-running publication for students of architecture - CRIT Magazine. The AIAS is partnering with the Smithsonian on a new student design competition, and is now able to offer mental health services through BetterHelp as a benefit of membership. We have also been instrumental in changing the narrative around learning and teaching culture, and are responsible for the now-mandatory inclusion of Studio Culture Policies in the accreditation requirements of the NAAB. We have a long history of advocacy, and we want to provide our benefits to as many students as possible.

Please consider submitting scholarships and helping the next generation of architecture students succeed. We appreciate all of the help you can provide in building a better future!