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Your Firm Can Help Protect Federal 2030 Targets

By ANGLE Staff posted 10-14-2016 10:05 AM


Your Firm Can Help Protect Federal 2030 Targets

Congress is currently negotiating a final deal on the first comprehensive energy reform package in almost a decade. Unfortunately, language is on the table to repeal the 2030 targets for the reduction of fossil fuel consumption in federal buildings. AIA is organizing a sign-on letter for architecture firms to stress the importance of these targets, and your help is needed now. Show Congress the power of the profession and add your firm’s name to this important letter.

As leaders in sustainability, architects have worked tirelessly to develop and implement targets for the reduction of fossil fuel use in buildings. The 2030 targets were adopted for federal buildings by Section 433 of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act. Unfortunately, strong special interests in the fossil fuel and utility sectors are pushing for their repeal, replacing them with weaker efficiency standards which would not address the issue of carbon emissions. Repeal of the 2030 targets sends the wrong message to our allies around the world and moves the United States further away from meeting its emissions reduction commitments.

The final phase of energy policy negotiations is expected to take place as Congress returns to Washington following the November elections. A strong message from the architectural industry on the importance of the 2030 targets will show that businesses can thrive while advancing sustainability. If you are a firm decision maker, add your firm to this vital effort by October 21st. If you are passionate about sustainable buildings but are not authorized to sign on behalf of your firm, please bring this request to someone who can. The time is now for architects to make their voices heard.


Ian McTiernan, Manager, Federal Relations