Avoiding Motor Vehicle Accidents

By Bob Gorman posted 07-14-2019 09:15

Most people travel every day and many of them in their own vehicles. There is no denying that being on the road is a risk, even at the best of times, but there are ways that you can ensure that your safety is a top priority when driving.

Being prepared is key and the preparation starts before you climb into your vehicle. Think of being in the unfortunate situation of a motor vehicle accident and what could make things easier for yourself.

Before You Hit The Road

Ensuring that your vehicle is ready to be driven is a great way to avoid a motor vehicle accident. Think about when last you inspected all the crucial elements of your vehicle? Are your tires roadworthy? Are your windscreen wipers in good condition? Checking your tire pressure, oil, wipers, indicators and vehicle lights should be done at least monthly to avoid having an accident.

Consider the weather too, do you need tires for snow or ice? When driving in extreme weather conditions, it is best to listen to the news in your area for warnings of floods, storms, snow or ice conditions. Adjust your driving to these conditions to keep you safe on the road.

Never consume alcohol or narcotics and drive. This applies to medication which can affect your reflexes too. Similarly, driving when you are tired is just as dangerous as drinking or driving. Always keep your wits about you and rather call a cab, a loved one or an Uber when you know you cannot drive.

Check up on your vehicle insurance annually and make sure you are covered appropriately for your vehicle’s circumstances. Ensure your insurance never lapses as this could prove to be a devastating situation should your vehicle be totaled or badly damaged.

Keep an emergency contact saved on your mobile phone or in your wallet or purse, this can help at an accident scene if you are unable to call your next of kin yourself.

Do You Need An Attorney?

Even if you are the most cautious and responsible driver, things often go wrong beyond your control. If you ever find yourself in a motor vehicle accident and you are not to blame, you may need an attorney. Contact an attorney if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident stemming from a reckless, distracted or even drunk driving.

There are various circumstances in which you may need legal representation. Once you are able to contact an attorney, you should do so, but only after any medical emergency or treatment has been attended to. Always keep your attorney’s number on hand.

It is helpful to remember as much as you possibly can about the accident, which can help your legal case. As soon as you are able to, write down all the details (no matter how insignificant they may seem) about the accident before you forget them.

Recovery After An Accident

Even minor motor vehicle accidents are traumatic. Take time to recover properly after an accident and never be afraid to approach a professional if you feel you are not coping in the days, weeks or even months after the accident. Emotional and mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical recovery, so never hesitate to do what you need to do to recover fully and always follow the doctor’s orders!