How to Clean and Care for Your Teak Furniture

By Bob Gorman posted 01-10-2019 13:10


If you possess some pieces of teak furniture, you must be feeling very proud. Not only is teak furniture elegant and timeless, but it is durable, too. As it is the case with valuables, you wish to preserve it in the best shape possible so as to enjoy it to the fullest. However, there are some misconceptions and doubts about the most suitable way take care of it, as well as dilemmas whether teak wood can be painted or not. For this reason, here are some brief instructions about cleaning and maintaining teak furniture.

Cleaning process

Regardless of the fact whether you’re keeping your teak furniture inside or outside, it deserves some nice cleaning and polishing. What is more, it’s really easy to do since you have all the ingredients inside your home. Make a DIY cleaning solution on your own: 

• just mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water, or

• mix a 2/1 ratio of laundry detergent with water and bleach.

The important thing is to apply it with a soft brush so as not to damage the surface, but make sure to scrub it well into the wood. Leave the cleaning mixture to sit for about 15 minutes, and then rinse with water.  Some persistent stains may require putting in an extra effort. Alternatively, you could use a solution recommended by a manufacturer.

In cases when the weather conditions have made it especially susceptible to patina, you can restore it to its original state without much trouble. Your local store should have just the right solution for this. Follow the instructions closely, and you may even have to include some light sanding it the damage is quite noticeable.

Oiling teak furniture

First of all, this is not something you are obliged to do, at least for the interior furniture. It is rather a method for keeping the wood’s natural colour. You can oil the furniture which is inside and outside, but the latter will have to be taken care of more frequently (every 2 to 3 months), and you should always avoid direct sunlight.

Either way, you should begin the oiling process only after a thorough cleaning. Cleaning removes the natural oils from the surface which have collected some dirt, and then you are reapplying the oils for a lovely, natural look.

There are lots of products on the market, but the process is all the same. First of all, it should be done in an airy room, or outside the house. Protective gloves are a must. Take a clean, small cloth and pour some oil on it, or directly onto the surface. In any case, the oil should be well rubbed into the furniture, without any excess. You’ll see the surface will be left oily, shiny and sticky. Leave it like that for an hour, and then check for some dry spots. If you notice any, see that they are oiled one more time. 

As for how long it should be soaking in the oil, some experts recommend 1 to 3 hours, while others argue it should be left on its own for 24 hours.


You may have heard different opinions on this one, but let us break it to you: it’s perfectly acceptable to paint teak furniture. Teak can be painted just like any other type of wood as long as you follow the instructions closely. Also, there are some special painting tricks and colours you could use when it comes to painting patio furniture.

Teak furniture is both appealing and high quality, and it’s fair enough to maintain it well. You should always clean it properly, and oiling it will make it last longer, too. If you feel like it, you can also paint it in a colour of your preference.