How to Grow Your Architecture Business

By Bob Gorman posted 12-06-2018 05:58

As you are very well aware, architecture is nothing like other businesses in a sense that it takes a lot of time to find reliable clients and finish the projects. After all, what you are selling is nowhere near something available to be ordered and paid for in half an hour or less. Therefore, architecture companies have to develop the right growth strategies in order to thrive, and we have compiled a list of essentials for making your business bigger and more profitable.

Set your goals

This is where everything starts from. In order to be able to develop strategies or standards for your company, you have to define your long- and short-term aims. Once you are fully aware of them, you can work towards organizing the company in such a way to best represent the company’s values.

Do the research

Market research is your top priority. No matter what your personal preferences may be, there are always trends in architecture that may not be your favourite, yet people are interested in such architecture. Alternatively, you can look for your niche market and make sure you give them the best possible offer.

When you collect all the data, don’t be afraid to take the chance. If you see there is a high demand for certain designs you have not done before, adjust yourself to the expectations and make an offer. You can’t always play it safe in architecture business. If you wish to succeed, that is.

Marketing is everything

Nowadays, word of mouth is no longer good enough. If you want to go big, you absolutely have to create a brand. Your logo should be recognizable anywhere, and your motto memorable. For this reason, it more than pays off to hire experts to help you in this area. Of course, no good brand is possible without high quality, so make sure you come up to the standards you are advertising. For a brand to catch on, it has to show consistency in both quality and its attitudes (the marketing professionals will break it to your further).


Hardly anything is possible with only good ideas on paper. You need to put them into action, and usually, this requires a financial boost. No company has ever become a leader in the business without investing some resources first. Fortunately, in you are lacking funds for certain ventures, today there is a myriad of funding options. Also, sometimes it happens that you need to act quickly in order not to lose a big contract, but you don’t have sufficient funds. By using the services of Delancey Street, for example, you could have your business loan approved in less than 24 hours and save the day.

Networking is a must

It is a fact that companies which attend conferences and seminars get more deals than those who don’t. Basically, the more people you meet, the higher your chances of landing a deal. In this business, you can never tell where you can meet your next client. Feel free to reach out to people and mention your services. As a business owner, you cannot afford to be shy, so keep on establishing new connections and stay in touch with them.

Reliable employees

This would be the cherry on top. In this business, you are as good as your architects, so you had better come up with a way how to recognize the best people for your team, and retain them.

To summarize, every beginning is difficult and full of challenges, so if you are going to expand your business, get ready for plenty of surprises along the way. Nevertheless, if you are consistent in following our advice, the road to success should be as enjoyable as possible.