When Should You Hire A Contractor And When Should You Hire An Architect?

By Bob Gorman posted 05-31-2017 01:09

Whether a brand new home is built from zero or you remodel the home, there is a strong possibility that you will have to hire a professional that can help you. This is something that is normally confusing for people. Choosing between the architect and the contractor is a very important choice. If you want to make the very best choice, here is what you should know about the process.

When Should You Hire The Architects?

Hiring architects are normally not considered because of the fact the services are quite expensive. Architects are going to be really good though as the quality of the work done is very high. This is true for the luxury houses and for the really simple remodel jobs. A bigger project picture is always needed though. Architects are great if you want to build something, residential or commercial. An architect can also help with all the expansion projects like home upgrades, room additions or minor modifications.

An architect is also really good when you need to be sure that everything is going to be legally handled. These specialists know all about permits and policies. They will only make modifications when they are allowed by law and it is a certainty you will not get into trouble in the event that you start doing the work that you desire. The experience of the architects is also going to be really handy when you want to make all changes as visually appealing as possible.

When Should You Hire The Contractor?

Although professionals like Vancouver General Contractors will work with architects on many projects, there are clear differences between architects and contractors. Bypassing the architects is all about choosing services that are cheaper when the work that is to be done can simply be hired by the contractor. As an example, home building projects or renovation projects normally require assessments from building or home inspectors. This brings in the permit. Contractors will get this done as soon as possible.

In the event that you need to do some minor work, like plumbing, mechanical or electrical, the contractor will help with the needed permits and will guarantee that the job will be done right. When the project that you have just requires building work, there is no need to talk to the architect. The contractor will most likely be able to offer all the necessary services.

Choosing Between Architects And Contractors

What can easily be mentioned is that the architect will not actually do the physical work but the contractor will. At the same time, the contractor will sometimes need the services of an architect in order to get a plan of what is to be done. Choosing between the two is a really simple process that can be solved by simply discussing things with one of them. The networks that the professionals have set up are quite connected. You can easily get in touch with one if you talk to the other. Just be sure the specialist you discuss things with can be trusted.

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