User’s Anonymity

By Bijay Desai posted 07-01-2019 12:20 AM


User's Anonymity
Whenever you run a URL from your web browser, after clicking ‘enter’ a request is sent to the web server by your computer. When the web server gets the request, it will send the web page get back to you. For completing this process, the web server needs the IP address of your computer. If you do not want to reveal your IP address to the web server, you can contact a proxy server provider and that will help you to utilize the web server anonymously.


Anonymous web browsing is the use of the World Wide Web that does not disclose the user’s personal identification information from the web pages visited. One of the best ways to hide personal identification is via proxy servers. Proxy servers will help you to be anonymous while surfing the web browser. For hiding the source information, the proxy server sends the user’s information through some multiple routers. Although there is no guarantee of proper anonymity with these servers, these servers are still capable of getting harmed by traffic analysis.


How a proxy server achieve user’s anonymity


If any user opens any website, then his personal identification information like IP address and device fingerprint will be visible to that browsing web page’s server. This unique information can be used to distinguish the user. By this information, tracking can be easily done. Unless you visit a wrong browser, your information will be hidden by the proxy server or a VPN server. The proxy servers send the request to the target web server from their side rather than from the user’s end. If a user tries to visit a web page, the request will be sent via proxy server instead of being sent directly from the web page’s server, after that the request passes to the target internet server. This whole process will help hide the user’s IP address, only the proxy server’s information will be visible to the web server. This process is very useful for anonymous browsing.


Anonymous web server basically works by keeping the proxy server in between the user and the target website that is visited. These servers are used to bypass the limitation and that person can access the websites which might be blocked by office, school, college or country. By taking advantage of the proxy server, any user can misuse it and hide his online identity.


However, by just hiding the IP address of the user’s computer doesn’t make him anonymous in the target web server. There are also some other ways to identify a user identity. Cookies are saved in the web browser. Moreover, with the help of GPS, the location can be easily tracked of a smartphone user. For achieving complete anonymity, you should browse websites only from a web browser, that doesn’t permit these kinds of activities or at least gives you the warning when any website wants to use these features.  You can use Tor browser to avoid sharing personal information.


Anonymous browsing is for that person who doesn’t want to allow the web browser to monitor their sessions. This proxy server is used in that organization who wants to monitor which websites are visited by their employees.